zLock Dual - Locking C14 to Locking C15 Power Cord - 3.3ft Black (18/3 Gauge)



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Connectors: C14 to C15
Length: 3.3ft
Gague: 17/3

ZONIT zLock-zC14-18-aC15-1m

  • Connector 1: Locking C14
  • Connector 2: Locking C15
  • Length: 3.3ft (1m)
  • Color: Black
  • Gauge: 18/3

The zLock family of locking power cords eliminates accidental and vibration disconnects. Unlike other locking cords on the market, zLock is the only non-proprietary / universal power cord that secures both ends without requiring any proprietary mating plugs or changes to your environment. zLock is 100% compatible with your existing infrastructure - simply replace your existing power cord with zLock and enjoy your increased uptime and peace of mind.

  • The only universal locking power cord available that locks both ends (patented).
  • Plug and play replacement for existing power cords.
  • Requires no proprietary mating plug or receptacle on either side of the connection; Truly universally compatible with the standard devices used in IT equipment and PDU's.
  • Every zLock cord is labeled with a serial barcode for easy system mapping.
  • UL Listed (UL 817) and CE compliant (IEC 60320).

zLock Male End

zLock Female End