Minicom Keyboard Video Mouse & Serial Extender



Recommended replacement: Tripp Lite B013-330
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The Minicom 0DT50002A KVMS Extender is a powerful, long-range solution that extends your keyboard, video, mouse (KVM) and Serial devices up to 300m/1000ft from your computer over a single CAT5 cable.  The 0DT50002A KVMS Extender consists of a transmitter, a receiver, and a single interconnecting CAT5 cable. Easy to install, plug-and-play hardware means that it requires no software, creates no network conflicts, and is compatible with virtually any operating system. Advanced CAT5 technology eliminates troublesome cable clutter and adds to the ease and speed of installation. The receiver's small form-factor makes the system ideal for desktop and flat-panel mounting.

KVMS Extender uses proprietary skew compensation technology to deliver superior video quality over long distance. This greatly expands the operational envelope for both KVM and digital signage applications.  Bi-directional RS-232 gives full point-to-point, real-time Serial communication, enabling the extension of touch-screens and other useful Serial devices.

Minicom's KVMS Extender is ideal for banks, schools, museums, training centers, and kiosks - wherever the touch-screen console is in constant use by the public, and the associated PC must be kept separate and secure. In industrial applications, KVMS Extender enables PC's to run safely from the back-office while the user operates the KVM console from the production line. For clean-rooms, it makes PC's more accessible by extending the user's KVM console out of the controlled environment where the PC is held. KVMS's dual user/dual location function is ideal for creating increased worker productivity and efficiency.

KVMS's high quality video transmission enables plasma/LCD screen installations to be extended from media player PC's by up to 300m/1000ft with minimal video degradation. The dual user capability enables IT administrators to power on/off, and to query the status of the extended screen from the player PC site.

Minicom KVMS Extender Functional Diagram
Minicom KVMS Extender Functional Diagram

Minicom 0DT50002A Features & Benefits:

  •  Combines KVM & Serial extension to over 300m/1000ft
  • Full bi-directional RS-232 for touch-screen connection
  • Single CAT5 cable for quick/easy installation
  • Ideal for both KVM and digital signage applications
  • High video resolution - 1920 x 1440 @ 60Hz
  • Skew compensation for superior video
  • Display Data Channel (DDC) support for optimal configuration
  • Dual user/location function for efficient management
  • KVM switch extension for distant server/Serial device control

Minicom 0DT50002A Specifications:

Mechanical Transmitter Receiver
Height 1.7 in.(42 mm.) 1.1 in (28 mm.)
Width 7.5 in. (188 mm.) 7.5 in. (188 mm.)
Depth 3.7 in. (92 mm.) 3.7 in. (92 mm.)
Weight 0.9 lbs. (400 g.) 0.7 lbs. (310 g.)
Supply External power adapter 5VDC 1A External power adapter 5VDC 1A
Consumption  5V/500mA 5V/800mA
Keyboard/Mouse MiniDin6F MiniDin6F
Serial DB9F DB9M
Serial Console DB9M N/A
Service RJ11 N/A
System RJ45 RJ45
Operating temperature 0°C to 40°C/32°F to 104°F
Storage temperature -40°C to 70°C/-40°F to 158°F
System Cable CAT5 UTP/ FTP cable 2x4x24 AWG Solid Wire
Maximum Distance 300m/1000ft
Baud rate 57,600
Screen resolution Up to 1920 x 1440 @ 60Hz (depends on cable length)
Mouse support 2 or 3 or 5 button PS/2, Wheel mouse
Operating systems DOS, Windows (3x, 9x, 2000, NT, ME, XP), Novell, Linux, UNIX, HP UNIX, QNX, SGI, FreeBSD, BeOS, Open VMS