Minicom Phantom PCI Starter Kit



Recommended replacement: Aten IP8000
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The Phantom system from Minicom is a distributed KVM switching solution. One Phantom Manager connected to one computer controls up to 42 remote computers each connected to a Phantom Remote unit. The Remote units can be either internal PCI cards or external boxes called Specters. CAT5 FTP System cables connect the Phantom Manager to the nearest Remote, and that Remote to the next one, and so on, in a daisy chain pattern. This Quick Installation Guide illustrates the Phantom Card Starter Kit and explains how to install it. For further information please see the softcopy User Guide on the Phantom Utility CD.

The Starter Kit contains:

  • 1 Manager PCI card
  • Keyboard, Mouse, and Video Connection Cables
  • 3 Remote PCI cards
  • 3 CAT5 FTP System cables 1m / 3ft long