Minicom CAT5 AV Splitter Remote



Recommended replacement: Aten VS1204T
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The Minicom 0VS21006 is a CAT5 AV SPLITTER REMOTE 110m / 360ft (220V).

The CAT5 AV Splitter simultaneously broadcasts, in real-time, both audio and video images to multiple remote screens. Using advanced CAT5 cable technology, audio sounds and video images can be broadcasted to distances of up to 110m/360ft. Cascaded it can broadcast to dozens of stations simultaneously. The CAT5 AV Splitter is the best solution for places where there is a need for the sharing of multi-media information, in real-time, at multiple locations. For example: corporate showrooms, banks/stock exchanges, trade shows, training centers, multi-media video promotions, train/bus stations and airports.

Minicom 0VS21006 Backview
Minicom 0VS21006 Backview

Minicom 0VS21006 Features:

  • Multimedia broadcasting - both sound and video over a single CAT5 cableAdvanced CAT5 technology - low density cabling that is easy to install
  • Pure hardware solution - no software conflicts
  • Multi-media broadcasting over 110m/360ft
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Compatible with all major brands of sound cards
  • Cascadable for bigger installations
  • Sturdy metal casing

Minicom 0VS21006 Application Diagram
Minicom 0VS21006 Application Diagram

 Minicom 0VS21006 Specifications:

Width Central Unit- 8.82 in. (224 mm.)
Remote Unit- 6.18 in. (157 mm.)
Height Central Unit- 1.22 in. (31 mm.)
Remote Unit- 1.22 in. (31 mm.)
Depth Central Unit- 3.11 in. (79 mm.)
Remote Unit- 3.11 in. (79 mm.)
Model Central 2 & 4 Ports/Remote
System Cable CAT5, FTP Solid Wire 2x4x24 AWG RJ45
Maximum Distance 110m/360ft.
Cascadable Yes
Resolution Up to 1600x 1200 @ 60Hz (depending on cable length)
Power Supply External 110V or 220V 9V 2A
Operating temperature 0° C to 40° C/32° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature -40° C to 40° C/-40° F to 104° F
VGA to CPU HD15M - HD15F