Minicom Digital Signage Cat5 Video Data Transmitter


Recommended replacement: Gefen EXT-VGA-141SRN
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The Minicom DS 0VS23003 is a CAT5 Video Data Transmitter (VDT) which includes the local and remote units.  A point-to-point real-time video and RS-232 extender, the VDT transmits high quality video and bidirectional RS-232 Tx/Rx signals from any type of player/computer to any type of electronic display device over shielded FTP CAT5 cable.

A dedicated, out-of-band system like this Cat5 transmitter is the most efficient, reliable way to ensure real time delivery of rich, dynamic content without burdening the network. You can transmit video content up to 110m/330ft from the player to a distant projector.  Bidirectional RS-232 transmit/receive signals also enable VDT control over remote video applications. For example, you can transmit video to a remote touch screen and use the RS-232 connection to run the application or send video images to a ceiling projector and control it from your desk.  An additional monitor can be connected to the local unit so that you can view the transmission even when the target viewer is located outside of your immediate environment.

Minicom CAT5 Video Data Transmitter Application Diagram
Minicom CAT5 Video Data Transmitter Application Diagram

Minicom 0VS23003 Features:

  • Transmit high resolution video content to a distant display device and control it remotely
  • Bidirectional serial RS-232 (Tx/Rx) control
  • Extend displays up to 110m/360ft over a single CAT5 cable
  • Out-of-band, pure hardware solution - real time screen transfer, no software conflicts
  • Connection for local monitor at host station

Minicom VDT Specifications:

Mechanical Local Unit Remote Unit
Height 0.91 in. (23 mm.) 0.91 in. (23 mm.)
Width 3.07 in. (78 mm.) 3.07 in. (78 mm.)
Depth 2.48 in. (63 mm.) 2.48 in. (63 mm.)
Weight 0.39 lb. (175 g.) 0.34 lb. (155 g.)
Cables & Connectors    
Power Adapter External Power Adaptor 6VDC
Operating Temperature  5° C to 40° C/41° F to 104° F
Storage Temperature 40° C to 70° C/-40° F to 158° F
Resolution Up to 1600x1200 @ 75Hz (depending on cable length)
System Cable CAT5 Shielded FTP Cable
Maximum Distance 110m/360ft
RS232 Connection Bi-directional Transmit Receive Only, RXD, TXD
Question: Hello, there is a possibility of the transmitter and receiver can also be ordered individually ??
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

Typically that would be possible but the OVS23003 CAT5 extender is fully discontinued without any leftover stock. For alternative VGA + RS-232 extenders, please see our VGA Video Extender page. I.e. the SmartAVI VDXS or the Gefen EXT-VGARS232-141 should work for you.

For a recommendation based on your application, please feel free to contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative directly.