ADDERLink INFINITY Manager Device with 8 end points



Replaced by: Adder AIM-24
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The ADDERLink INFINITY Manager Device provides the vital administrative management and coordination of your ADDERLink INFINITY transmitters and receivers and their users. This device also allows for receiver multicasting and sharing of multi device control from a single point. This AIM server connects to your network remotely and is fully pre-configured which allows for no local user interaction. The useful dashboard features options to overview and report key data from across the network. The A.I.M. interface is continuously refreshed automatically for the most current updates. *requires 10/100Mbps connection to the network, and Gigabit Ethernet connections in its administrative role. The RMK6 rack mounting bracket for ADDERLink INFINITY Manager is included with the product.

Adder ALIF-AIM-8-US Features:

  • 8 end points
  • Remote Network Connection
  • IP Protocol
  • SUN, PC and MAC compatible
  • RJ45 connection
  • Ideal for CAT5,6&7 cables

Adder Device Manager Diagram

Adder Infinity Manager Diagram

Adder ALIF-AIM-8-US Specifications:

5 in. (127 mm.)
12 in. (304 mm.)
13 in. (330 mm.)
7 lbs. (3.1 kg.)
Approved Agency
Question: I am looking at the ALIF-AIM-8-US Manager Device. What is meant by "8 end points"? Is that 8 receivers or a combination of 8 transmitters and receivers?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It is our understanding that "end point" would be a combination of receivers and transmitters.