ADDER 4-port Digital Signage Extender up to 150 meters, Transmitter Unit


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Extender Type: 4-Way Splitter
Video: 1x VGA In / 4x VGA Out (expandable to 13)
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The ADDERLink LPV154 (ALPV154T) 4-port digital signage extender is possibly the easiest to install point-to-point extender available today. Simply plug the transmitter's VGA port into your computer and plug in the USB port, then plug the receiver unit (not included) into your screen. Finally, connect the two units together with CATx cable, and you're finished. By transmitting the power to the receiver via the cable the LPV154T removes the need for extra power supplies and sockets at the screen.

The LPV154T transmitter requires one to four ALPV150R receiver units to operate.

ADDER LPV154-US Digital Signage Extender Transmitter Diagram

  • Full HD 1080p, 1080i and 720p at distances up to 500ft
  • Line powered by USB port to reduce cable clutter
  • 4-way transmitter for point-to-multipoint
  • Easily adjust video sharpness
  • Absolute simplicity in setting up the device
  • Advanced EDID cloning
  • On/off control via RS232
  • Rack mountable

AdderLink ALPV154T Transmitter Unit Front AdderLink ALPV154 Transmitter Unit Back
Transmitter Unit Front and Rear View

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Adder ALPV154T Features

  • Adder ALPV154T Extend video up to 164 feet (50 meters) via single CATx cable

    4-way transmitter for point-to-multipoint

    The ALPV154T is able to take the same HD input and send it to 4 different screens connected via the ALPV150R receivers. There is a feed through port on the unit to allow a local display or you can cascade another ALAV154T so you can supply 8 screens.

  • Adder ALPV154T High-definition analog VGA video with video adjustment control

    High-definition analog VGA video

    The ALPV154 video extension system supports Full HD 1080p, 1080i and 720p with distance up to 500 feet (150 meters). The ALPV150R remote module also has a video adjustment to control picture sharpness on the display screen.

  • Adder ALPV154T CatX line powered - No external power supplies required

    No external power supplies required - Highly energy efficient

    To help reduce cable clutter, the Adder Link LPV has been designed to be powered by a USB port on your computer and this power is also transmitted alongside the video over CatX cable, in turn powering your receiver unit.

  • Adder ALPV154 Plug and Play

    Absolute Simplicity

    Getting into professional Digital Signage has never been so easy - simply plug the transmitters VGA port into your computer and plug in the USB port, then plug the receiver unit into your screen. Finally, connect the two units together with a length of CATx cable and you are done. Now start delivering your message to customers, visitors, staff or whoever you wish.

  • Adder ALPV154T Intelligent EDID management

    Advanced EDID cloning

    The ALPV154T extender has an intelligent EDID management to allow the true characteristics of the monitor to be passed back to the computer.

  • Adder ALPV154T Plug and Play

    On/off control via Serial RS232

    The LPV154T unit is fitted with a serial port that enables you to remotely switch video on and off. This feature provides a simple way of switching remote screens on and off as most will go into standby when the video signal is removed.

  • Adder ALPV154T Plug and Play

    Plug and Play

    The AdderLink ALPV154T extender is delivered in a zero config state so you can plug in the units and start working with them straight away. There is no need for drivers or software to be installed.

  • Rack mounting ALPV154T

    Rack Mountable

    up to 16 ALPV154T HDMI transmitters can be rack mounted into a 3U 19" chassis (ALAV-RMK-CHASSIS) using 'rack fascia plates' (ALAV-RMK-FASCIA).

  • Adder ALPV154T - Expand to 12 outputs - Cascading units

    Expand to 12 outputs - Cascading units

    Where more remote video displays need to show the same output from the host system, it is possible to cascade up to (3) LPV154 transmitter units to provide control for a total of up to twelve screens. Cascading these units is a simple case of connecting the video output of the first transmitter to the video input of the next one; with each transmitter able to drive up to four video displays.

  • Adder ALPV154T - Robust yet lightweight - Built to last

    Built to last - Robust yet lightweight

    Adder Technology have a well-earned reputation for creating products that perform well and stay the course. AdderLink LPV154 is no exception and features tough, yet lightweight ABS enclosures to ensure they can easily withstand environmental pressures. The internal components and external connectors too are selected for their reliability in addition to their performance characteristics.

ALPV154T-US Package Contents

Adder ALPV154T Package Contents

  1. (1) ADDER LPV154T Extender Transmitter
  2. (1) Analog Video Link Cable
  3. (1) Power supply adapter and mains cable
  4. (4) Self adhesive rubber feet
  5. (1) CD containing User Manual and documentation

Adder ALPV154T-US Specifications

0.98 in. (25 mm.)
3.94 in. (100 mm.)
3.94 in. (100 mm.)
Operating Temperature
0° to 40° / 32° to 104°
Operating Voltage
5V @ 2.5A
ResolutionsMaximum 1920 x 18080 @ 60Hz
Approved Agency
Tx Connections
2 x 15-pin VGA, 4 x RJ45; 1 x Power

Note: Recommended cables are CAT7 shielded foiled twisted pairs.

Category 6a or better shielded twisted pair cable must be used to connect the transmitter and receiver units in order to maintain compliance with energy emission regulations and ensure a high level of immunity to electromagnetic disturbances.

ALPV154T is also known as the LPV154, LPV154T, ALPV154T-US and ALPV154T-USA.