Gefen DVI-D Fiber Optic Cable, 166ft M-M



Replaced by: Gefen EXT-DVI-CP-FM10
Recommended replacement: Gefen CAB-HDTV-150MM
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The Gefen CAB-DVIFO-150MM is a 166 foot long, male to male, DVI-D Fiber Optic Cable.  This fiber optics based cable exceeds the performances of the copper and silver made cables. An integrated DVI-D cable solution which includes the fiber optics components built into the cable and the DVI connectors. This fiber cable requires a clearance of 1-1/2" wide conduit.

Note: This cable is not HDCP compliant and is for computer use only.

Question: The copper Gefen DVI cables required a DVI Dual Booster. Looking at this solution I don't believe this would be required. Is that correct?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, that is correct. This Fiber-optic based cable does not require any signal booster. It does however, come with a power supply for the output side and may require an additional power supply if the source does not provide enough power.