Adder CATx VGA, PS/2 computer access module


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Video Type: VGA
Keyboard / Mouse: PS/2
Audio: No
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The Adder CATX-PS2 is a Computer Access Module (CAM) which connects to the keyboard, video and mouse ports of the computer and converts these signals to be sent over UTP cable and onto the AdderLink CATx switch. Increasingly important is the support of DDC (Display Data Channel) which allows the communication of a computers video card and the screen. Unless this communication is actively supported, as all Adder CAMs do, then the desired resolution may not be displayed and in some cases nothing will be displayed at all.

Where computers only present USB keyboard and mouse it is important to ensure that all USB functions are supported. These include 'keep alive' circuitry. It is common during periods of inactivity that a computer will occasionally send a 'keep alive' signal to it's keyboard and mouse, unless this is responded to the computer may stop and keyboard and mouse communication. Sun computers will request a 'country code' from the keyboard and unless this is actively supported some Sun computers may not work.

Adder CATX-PS2 Features:

  • Flash upgradeable
  • Audio support model available (CATX-PS2A)
Question: Can CATX-PS2 work with a remote Adder x50, Adder x100, or Adder Pro X DVI unit(s)? Thanks
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The CATX-PS2 is fully compatible with the Adder X100 series; The X100 receivers use the CATX-PS2 dongles as transmitters.

The CATX-PS2 would not be compatible with the X50 or X-DVI-PRO series - each unit features their own unique transmitter module.

Note, you may also be interested in PS2 <-> USB <-> SUN adapters.