Rose Electronic Caretaker 4 Parallel In, 1 Parallel Out (CT-4P)


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Recommended replacement: Rose CareTaker Plus CTP-4P
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Rose Caretaker (CT-4P)
The Rose Caretaker (CT-4P)  makes it possible for you to connect up to eight computers, or terminals to a common printer, plotter, or other serial or parallel device. Designed with your needs in mind, the Rose Caretaker Plus (CT-4P) uses commonly available cables, is compatible with all computers, printers and plotters, and has buffer memory. The Rose Caretaker (CT-4P) Plus's buffer memory allows computers to simultaneously send data to the unit for fast, efficient printer sharing.

Rose Caretaker (CT-4P) Features & Benefits:

  • Simultaneous inputs accepted from all computers
  • Units can be linked for more than 8 computers
  • Can automatically send a form-feed on each port
  • Up to two megabyte buffer
  • Serial units have programmable baud rate and flow control
  • Noise protection feature prevents computers just being powered on or off from generating spurious data
  • Mode, data, busy, and error LEDs show data activity and status
  • Power-up self-test and error display show any hardware problems
  • Comes with full year warranty and unlimited technical support
  • Manufactured in the US

Rose Caretaker (CT-4P) Function Diagram
Rose Caretaker (CT-4P) Function Diagram

Rose Caretaker (CT-4P) Specifications:

Height 3.5 in (12.7 cm)
Width 10.5 in (26.7 cm)
Depth 5.0 in (8.9 cm)
Weight 4-port:6 lb / 2.72kg
8-port:7 lb / 3.18 kg
Environmental 32°F - 131°F (0°- 55° C),
0%-80% non-condensing relative humidity
Power Auto Switching, 90 - 240 VAC

Power: Din5
Serial: DB25F
Parallel: 36 pin Centronics Female

Supported Hardware

Memory Field upgradeable to 64K or 256K
Chassis Electro-galvanized steel,
Powder coated
Controls Advance and select switches
Mode, Data, Busy, Error, Port 1-8 LEDs
Serial protocol* EIA asynchronous RS232D
Parallel protocol TTL Centronics
Serial flow control DTR/DSR or XON/XOFF to buffer;
DSR/DTR sent through for modem
Parallel flow control STB/ACK/BUSY
Serial baud rate 50 - 19,200 BAUD*
Serial word size 5, 6, 7, or 8*
Serial parity none, odd, even, mark, space*
Serial stop bits 1 or 2*

Approved Agency CE
Question: What does the back look like? Before I think about buying this product, I need to know what cables I will need to buy to support it in my environment. A picture of the back would be great. Thanks!
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, it appears the CT-4P has been discontinued. The replacement item is the CTP-4P ( We have uploaded a diagram of the rear portion of the CTP-8S an CTP-8P to the linked page for you reference.