Rose Electronics CareTaker Plus Data Switch 8 in / 1 Serial out


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The Rose Electronics Caretaker Plus (CTP-8S) Advantage
The Rose Caretaker Plus (CTP-8S) makes it possible for you to connect up to eight computers, or terminals to a common printer, plotter, or other serial or parallel device. Caretaker is designed with your needs in mind, the Rose Caretaker Plus (CTP-8S) uses commonly available cables, is compatible with all computers, printers and plotters, and has buffer memory. The Caretaker Plus's buffer memory allows computers to simultaneously send data to the unit for fast, efficient printer sharing. Accessing the shared device is simply done by sending data to the Caretaker unit. The data is sent to the device in the order it was received. There is no easier way to share a common peripheral than with the Caretaker Plus. Easy installation, easy expansion, and easy maintenance... everything you've come to expect in Rose Electronics products. Call us today to discuss your printer or device sharing application.

Rose Electronics Caretaker Plus (CTP-8S) Features and Benefits

  • Rose Caretaker provides simultaneous input accepted from all computers
  • Rose Caretaker units can be linked for more than 8 computers
  • Serial units have programmable baud rate and flow control
  • Noise protection feature prevents computers just being powered on or off from generating spurious data
  • Rose Caretaker mode, data, busy, and error LEDs show data activity and status
  • Rose Caretaker power-up self-test and error display show any hardware problems
  • Rose Caretaker comes with full year warranty and unlimited technical support
  • Rose Caretaker is manufactured in the USA
8 serial in / 1 serial out
Question: What is the size of the buffer? I'm looking for CTP-8S with 1MB buffer.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This is the base model with a 16k buffer. We do not have the 1MB model available online (CTP-8S/10X), but can be ordered by contacting your KVM Switches Online representative at 1-877-586-6654 or via our online chat feature.