Avocent 32 Port KVM over IP Switch, 2 Digital Paths



Recommended replacement: Avocent MPU2032DAC
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Avocent KVM over IP Switch (DSR2035-001) with BIOS-level control of all connected servers and serial-based devices in your data center - scalable for future growth.  The Avocent 32-port DSR2035 KVM over IP switch provides two simultaneous digital paths for remote access and BIOS-level control of all connected servers and serial-based devices in your data center. You can remotely power cycle connected devices and you have external modem support when the network is down.  The Avocent KVM over IP Switch (DSR2035-001) features an on-board Web interface compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape for access and control of your servers over IP. This is beneficial to companies that want an easily scalable system.

DSView 3 management software can be added as your system grows. It's a powerful centralized management tool that gives you a secure method to access and control your servers and network devices from a single interface. Its hub and spoke architecture provides failover authentication. Users authenticate to a central management server (the hub) or one of 15 mirror servers (the spokes). SNMP and IPMI support are also provided.

DSView 3 software also adds Virtual Media capability to the DSR2035 switch. This lets you remotely load software for file transfers, application and OS patches, and diagnostic testing.

Avocent KVM over IP Switch (DSR2035-001) Features and Benefits:

  • Remote server management :  The 32-port DSR2035 KVM over IP switch, 1 local, 2 digital users, enables both local and remote server management. The 32-port density requires less hardware and less rack space thereby lowering the cost per server port.
  • Virtual Media support: Used with DSView 3 management software, the DSR2035 switch provides Virtual Media support. Use it to map CD-ROMs and other storage media to a remote branch server to conduct file transfers, application and OS patches, and CD-ROM diagnostics.
  • Integrated solution for KVM and power control: Integrates BIOS-level access and power control in one solution. Also provides external modem support when the network is down. Two power control ports are provided for direct connection of power management devices.
  • On-board Web interface: On-board Web interface support gives you direct access to target devices without additional software. Beneficial to small company administrators who want a scalable system that can easily grow with them. DSView 3 software can be added later as your system grows.
  • Single management platform: The DSR2035 switch combined with DSView 3 software gives you a single interface to manage your entire IT infrastructure, including data center and branch office locations.
  • Access IPMI-enabled servers: Using DSView 3 software, IT administrators can monitor and control system health including the temperature, fan, and voltage.
  • Notifications: DSView 3 software sends SNMP traps and email notification for defined system events.
  • Scheduling: DSView 3 software simplifies management of routine tasks, updates and file loading including automation of task schedules and updates. Two network interface ports Provides network failover redundancy
  • Failover authentication: DSView 3 management software, with hub and spoke architecture, provides failover authentication, ensuring system reliability and security.
  • User logs and access control: DSView 3 software advanced security includes audit logs and gives you the power to assign individual user rights. Local login required Required login at the local port for increased security

Avocent KVM over IP Switch (DSR2035-001) Specifications:

Height 1.72 in. (4.37 cm)
Width 17.00 in. (43.18 cm)
Depth14.25 in. (36.20 cm)
Weight10 lbs (4.5 kg) without cables
Operating Temperature32 to 104 degrees F (0 to 40 degrees C)
Storage Temperature-4 to 158 degrees F (-20 to 70 degrees C)
Operating Voltage100 to 240 VAC
Power Frequency50 - 60 Hz Auto Sensing
Input60 W maximum
Supported Hardware 
ComputersPS/2, Sun and USB
MonitorVGA, SVGA (XGA, XGA-II with adaptor), Maximum Local Port: 1600 x 1280, Maximum Remote Port using a DSRIQ module: 1280 x 1024 @ 75 Hz
PeripheralsUSB keyboard and mouse, PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, IntelliMouse
Approved Agency UL, FCC, cUL, ICES-003, CE, GS, VCCI, MIC, C-Tick, GOST
Question: can you configure an IP address along with a gateway address to a DSR2035?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.
If we understand your question correctly, then yes, the DSR2035's network IP address and gateway are fully configurable. The DSR series also supports DHCP. IP setup is accomplished though the OSCAR interface under the network setup dialogue.

Question: Hi, can we reboot the server from Avocent DSR2035, server is in hung state
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It is possible to hard reboot a target device, if the device is also attached to a compatible power controlling PDU, which is also linked with the DSR2035 via an available SPC port.

From the DSR manual:
If a target device is connected to a power control device outlet, you may power up, power down or cycle (power target device down and then up) the target device using the DSR switch on-board web interface.
To power cycle a target device:
1. Select Appliance - Appliance Settings - Ports - Power Units - Sockets from the DSR Explorer window. The sockets window will appear.
2. Select the checkbox to the left of the device that you wish to cycle.
3. Click the Cycle button

Question: Does this model record the session?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. We do not believe this unit has the capability to record a session in terms of video or keystroke logging. However, the addition of the DSView management software allows for more advanced security including access logs, event logs and serial session console data logging (with appropriate licensing).