SmartAVI 16-Port DVI-D KVM Switch w/USB 2.0 & Audio


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With SmartAVI's DVN-16PRO KVM switch, a user can now manage up to 16 different computers from a single DVI-D screen and USB keyboard and mouse. In addition, DVN-16PRO enables immediate hotkey source switching through full USB keyboard and mouse emulation. The SmartAVI DVN-16PRO uses single link connectors providing high resolutions of up to 1920x1200 with zero pixel loss from TMDS signal correction.

Made in the USA

The DVN-16PRO has a broad range of applications, but the main function of this KVM switch is to centralize the access of several computers into one comprehensive PC. Not only does it function as a KVM console, it also supports full USB keyboard and mouse emulation plus audio and USB 2.0 switching. This allows a user to control various USB 2.0 devices that would otherwise be unavailable with conventional KVM devices. For example, it allows a user to use sophisticated USB devices such as printers, cameras, and scanners without having to directly plug into the remote computer. DVN-16PRO is a perfect solution for the medical or industrial field for instance, where it may not be practical or safe to have one or more CPUs in the general vicinity.

SmartAVI DVN-16PROs KVM switch back and front view
SmartAVI DVN-16PRO Switch Connections

SmartAVI DVN-16PRO Features:

  • Supports Windows, Mac, Linux, and Sun DVI-D
  • Source switching through USB keyboard and mouse emulation hotkeys
  • Supports High Resolution1920x1200 60Hz WUXGA
  • Front panel tactile switch with LCD display for local control
  • Universal DVI Single Link connectors
  • Zero pixel loss with TMDS signal correction
  • Supports all USB 2.0 Devices
  • Balanced stereo audio output
  • RS-232 commands for remote control
  • Continuous DDC learning and correcting
  • Automatically recognizes keyboard settings from previous use
  • Constant USB keyboard and mouse driver support for selected and unselected ports
  • DVN-16PROS incliudes [1 x DVNET-16Pro: 16x1 DVI-D, USB 2.0, Audio KVM Switch;
    1 x PS5VDC4A: Power Supply; 1 x User Manual]

Applications Examples:

  • Server Collocation
  • Digital Signage
  • Education
  • Airports
  • Dealer Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Audio/Visual Presentations
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels/Resorts

SmartAVI DVN-16PRO DVI-D KVM Switch Application Diagram
SmartAVI DVN-16PRO DVI-D Switch Application Diagram

SmartAVI DVN-16PROS Specifications:

Height 3.5 in. (88.9 mm.)
Width 17 in. (432 mm.)
Depth6.75 in. (171.45 mm.)
Weight10 lbs. (5 kg.)
Operating Temperature32-131°F (0-55 °C)
Storage Temperature-4-185 °F (-20-85 °C)
HumidityUp to 95%
PowerExternal 100-240 VAC/5VDC4A @20W
Front PanelTactile Switch, Display: LCD 2 x 20 Character
RS232Via Control @ 115200 bps
HotkeysVia Keyboard
FormatDVI-D Single Link, DVI 1.0
Maximum Pixel Clock165 MHz
Input Interface(16) DVI-D 29-pin
Output Interface(1) DVI-D 29-pin
ResolutionUp to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz
DDC5 volts p-p (TTL)
Input EqualizationAutomatic
Input Cable LengthUp to 20 ft.
Output Cable LengthUp to 20 ft.
Data Rate1.65 Gbps per color
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 KHz
Impedance600 ohm
Nominal Level0-1.0V
Common ModeRejection at 60dB
Input Interface(16) 3.5mm Stereo Audio
Output Interface(1) 3.5mm Stereo Audio
SignalingUSB 2.0, 1.1 and 1.0 w/Internal Hub
Input Interface(16) USB Type B
Output Interface(2) USB 1.1 Type A for KVM Devices
(2) USB 2.0 Type A Transparent
EmulationKeyboard and Mouse
Approved Agency UL, CE, ROHS Compliant

The DVN-16PROS is also known as the DVN-16PRO-S.

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UPC 813280020978
EAN 0813280020978
Question: we recently purchase this 16ports but why is my usb mouse is not working? Is there a firmware update or anything?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. There does not appear to be a Firmware upgrade available for this switch, and unfortunately, due to the varied nature of user environments, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this simple FAQ.

Having said that, here are a few things to try. First check to make sure the USB mouse and keyboard are connected to the right-hand ports. The 2 ports on the right side are dedicated for keyboard and mouse emulation and it may be necessary for the mouse and keyboard to be attached to the right-hand side to function properly. If the mouse is is attached to a USB port on the right, the mouse itself may have an issue. Make sure the mouse itself is operating properly by connecting directly to a target machine.

If these ideas do not help, please contact a KVM Switches Online representative directly at 1-877-586-6654. Having bought the switch on our site, they should be able to provide further assistance.