Belkin VGA PS/2 Reverse KVM Switch



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The Belkin F1D201 allows two users to share one computer or server simultaneously.

Belkin F1D201 Advantage:

  • Control one PC or server with two keyboards, mice and monitors
  • Automatically switches between consoles.
  • No software required
  • Includes 3 foot, all-in-one KVM cable
  • Featuring autoswitching technology, it is ideal for training environments where a second user must be shown how to perform specific tasks, or for using specialized secondary keyboards, monitors, and mice or trackballs in addition to the standard devices.
  • Cable included.

Question: Will this work on Windows 7 pro? Does it come with USB ports,connectors? Thank you.
Answer: Thank for your inquiry,

While the manufacturer will not explicitly specify support for Windows 7, the Belkin F1D201 should be compatible with Windows 7. Compatibility may occasionally be an issue with using KVM switches with Windows 7, but typically we see those for KVMs with DVI-D video and/or some emulation technologies (neither is a concern with with the F1D201).

Belkin does not ship the F1D201 as an USB model, but you can use USB to PS2 Converters such as the CNV-PSUSB to make it compatible with USB devices. That being said, issues with converting USB to PS2 are relatively common due to the differences in the way USB devices communicate.. PS2 to USB conversion is very stable thought, so you may want to go the native USB route: We offer several 2 Port VGA KVM splitters that natively support USB, such as the Aten CS231.