Belkin OmniView Enterprise 8-port KVM Switch



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The Belkin OmniView ENTERPRISE Quad-Bus Series 1U Rack-Mount Console with 8-Port KVM Switch (F1DC108B) fits a standard, 19-inch rack configuration and its special rack-mount bracket design allows it to slide beyond mounted KVM switches and servers, ensuring clearance for the full extension of the LCD and keyboard. This Belkin's (F1DC108B) dual-rail system lets the LCD panel remain displayed - without the keyboard - even with the server rack door closed.

The OmniView ENTERPRISE Quad-Bus Series 1U Rack-Mount Console with 8-Port KVM Switch (F1DC108B) is designed to work seamlessly with any PS/2-platform KVM switch, the Switch offers other convenient features such as a key-locking mechanism to prevent unwanted access, and dual cable-management arms that organize console cables as the drawer extends and retracts. Using patent-pending, Belkin quad-bus technology, the Belkin's (F1DC108B) Switch enables four server administrators to control multiple computers simultaneously in a daisy-chain configuration (maximum of 16 KVM switches.

Belkin OmniView ENTERPRISE F1DC108B Features and Benefits

  • Security Function
  • Rack Mountable
  • Daisy Chainable Console and Computer Connectors

OmniView F1DC108B Specifications

KVM TypeKeyboard / Video / Mouse - Switch
Height  1.8 in. (45.7mm)
Width  19 in. (482.6mm)
Length29 in. (736.6mm)
Weight 37.9 lb.( 17191.2g)
Max Video Resolution 1024 x 768 pixels
Refresh Rate 65 Hz
No. of Computers Controlled 8
No. of Consoles1
Video / Monitor HDB 15-pin
Mouse Connector PS/2, USB
Keyboard Connector PS/2, USB
Supported Platforms PC, Linux
Question: Do you sell a replacement keyboard for this product
Answer: Unfortunately, no we do not sell replacement parts for this Belkin product. Your best bet would be to talk with Belkin directly. They may be able to direct you to a source.

Question: What cables do I need for a Belkin F1DC108B?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. This unit uses the Belkin Dual-Port Micro-Cable Kit, either part number F1D9401-xx (USB) or F1D9400-xx (PS/2), where xx is a specific cable length (06, 10, 15, 25).