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IOGEAR MiniView SE GCS82B 2-Port KVM Switch

A faster Way To Connect! Once again, IOGEAR raised the bar on quality KVMs. These desktop PS/2 KVMs feature the latest in micro-design and technology. Setup is fast and easy; simply plug cables into their appropriate ports. The 2 PS/2 console ports are on the front of the unit for easy and convenient access. IOGEAR's MiniView™ SE GCS82B provides two convenient methods to access the connected computers: use push-button selection switches, located on the unit's front panel; or type Hot Key combinations from the keyboard. There is no better way to save time and money than with IOGEAR's MiniView™ SE GCS82B.
Cables Included!

IOGEAR GCS82B Function

IOGEAR MiniView 2-Port KVM Switch GCS82B

IOGEAR GCS82B Features/Benefits
  • Use one keyboard, monitor and mouse to control up to two computers
  • Works with PS/2 compliant computers
  • Operating system independent
  • Supports Mac and SUN *
  • Plug-n-Play monitor support
  • Supports video resolutions up to 2048 x 1536
  • Easy to install - no software required
  • Easy to operate - push buttons or Hot Keys
  • Keyboard and mouse emulation for error free computer booting
  • Built in AutoScan mode to monitor all computers
  • LED's allow for easy status monitoring
  • Increases desk space and productivity
  • Decreases power and equipment costs
  • Trim-line, compact design
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • * Additional adapters required to supoort Mac DB and SUN
PS/2 console placed in front for easy access No DIP switches, software or power supply needed Feature3 Web Image for product page
IOGEAR GCS82B Requirements
  • PS/2 Enabled/Compliant Computer System
IOGEAR GCS82B Package Contents
  • 1 Miniview SE 2-Port KVM switch
  • 2 sets of premium bonded KVM cables
  • 1 installation manual
  • 1 quick start guide
  • 1 product registration card
IOGEAR GCS82B Specifications

Function GCS82B
Computer Connections
Direct 2
Console Connectors
Keyboard 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN Female (PS/2)
Monitor 1 HDB-15 Female (Std. VGA/SVGA)
Mouse 1 x 6 pin mini-DIN Female (PS/2)
CPU Connectors
Keyboard 2 x 6 pin mini-DIN Female (PS/2)
Monitor 2 HDB-15 Male (Std. VGA/SVGA)
Mouse 2 x 6 pin mini-DIN Female (PS/2)
Height 1.7
Length 3
Width 5.2
Keyboard PS/2; AT
Mouse PS/2
Case Metal
On Line 2
Selected 2
Port Selection Pushbutton Switch / Hot Keys
Amps 20 mA (Max.)
Voltage DC 9V
Power Consumption DC 9V 180 mW (Max.)
Scan Interval 5 sec.
Video Resolution 2048 x 1536 (Max.); DDC; DDC2B; DDC2AB