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Dataprobe iPIO-16: Networked Relay Controller


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The Dataprobe iPIO-16 is a network attached, IP addressed digital input and output device. The iPIO-16 can be controlled and monitored with a standard web browser. Multiple iPIO-16 devices can communicate amongst themselves to transport I/O information across the network. Highly flexible telemetry systems can be developed with these simple devices.

Status and Control Screen Image
Status and Control Screen Image

The Status and Control web page provides real time status of the inputs, outputs and remote iPIO unit connections. The top of the page indicates the location reference, which is user settable.

Each input, output and remote device is defined by a user selectable name. Inputs and outputs can also be assigned names for Open and Closed statuses, as well as background and text colors for each. All configurations are accomplished via the setup tab at the top of the screen.

If the iPIO-16 is programmed to communicate with additional units, each remote unit will be displayed at the bottom of the page. Each remote site displays red or green, indicating connection status.

Dataprobe iPIO-16 Features:

  • Web Browser Relay Control
  • Ethernet I/O
  • Transport GPIO over the Network
  • Contact Closure via IP
  • SSL and AES Encryption
  • 16 Form C Relays
  • 16 Digital Inputs - Wet or Dry
  • One Input to Many Outputs
  • Many Inputs to One Output
  • Any to Any - Many to Many

 Dataprobe iPIO Diagrams
Dataprobe iPIO Application Diagrams

Dataprobe iPIO-16 Specifications:

Height 2.02 in. (5.13 cm.)
Width 5.00 in. (12.7 cm.)
Depth 7.32 in. (18.6 cm.)
Temperature 0 - 50 Deg C Operating
Humidity 90 Pct Non Condensing
Power Wall Mounted Power Supply, included
105 - 240 VAC 50/60Hz or +5VDC direct.
Connections 16 Terminal per Input. (common ground)
Three Terminal per Relay Output (Form C)
LED Indictors 16 x Input.
16 x Output.
Network Link and Activity.
Remote Unit Link Status.
Inputs 8 Digital Inputs.
Dry relay/switch closures or
+/-3VDC to +/-30 VDC
Grounds common
Control Relay  
Current Maximums 0.5A @ 120VAC or 1A @ 24VDC
Switching Power 60VA Max 50uW Min
Switching Voltage 120VAC or 60VDC Max 1VDC Min
Switching Current 2A Max 1mA Min
Resistance 100 milliohms (initial value)
Operations 5 Million, mechanical. 100K at maximum load
Network HTTP Web Server
SSL Security - Optional
AES Encryption on Inter-device communication - Optional
DHCP Assigned or Static IP Address
Port Selectable for http, https and Inter-device communications
Inter Device Communications via TCP/IP Protocol, supplied.
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UPC 700220864054
EAN 0700220864054
Question: Could I program one of these so that when a button attached to say relay 1 is pressed, it would turn on relay 1 on another iPIO located in a different location but on the same network to power a light bulb or something like that?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

You could indeed! Dataprobe IPIO series designed to allow multiple iPIO products to communicate and control one another across networks. For more information on setup and programming of the devices, please refer to the Dataprobe IPIO-16 manual.

Also for a solution based on your application, please feel free to contact our sales team here.