Rose Electronics Vista 4 Port KVM Switch For PC/MAC With DB25


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The Rose Vista Advantage
The Rose Vista family is the KVM switch of choice for small office or home use. Designed for plug-and-play operation, Rose Vista switches simplify your job by helping you organize multiple computer applications. Because Rose Vista lets you use a single keyboard, monitor and mouse to access several computers, you can significantly reduce your equipment overhead, end equipment clutter, and gain space. Rose Vista switches allows you to access either two, four, or eight computers with one keyboard, monitor, and mouse and are available in two styles: either with DB25 universal connectors or PC connectors (VGA, Mini-DIN6, and Mini-DIN6). Video
All Rose Vista models have very high-resolution capability and support VGA video beyond 1600 x 1280 non-interlaced. Keyboard, mouse and video signals can be driven up to 1,000 feet using our Rose CrystalView extenders. Keyboard and Mouse
All Rose Vista models support full emulation of keyboard and mouse; computers can be booted at any time. There is full support for all operating systems such as Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux, and those on Unix workstations, such as IBM AIX and HP/UX. The computer's mouse type can be PS/2, PS/2 wheel, or serial type. Rose Vista Commands
All Rose Vista models support switching from the keyboard with easy to use commands. In addition all Rose Vista models support the following commands: switch to next computer, scan mode on and off, set scan time interval, set video blank interval, keyboard and mouse reset, reset computer mouse, resync computer mouse, set typematic rate and delay, identify firmware version, set computer keyboard mode, change computer mouse type (PS/2, PS/2 wheel, or serial), and save settlings in non-volatile memory. In addition the models with OSD support OSD configuration and switching with OSD.

    Rose Vista Front Panel

  • Switch to any computer from front panel
  • Front panel LEDs show which computer is selected
  • Front panel LEDs show which computer is powered on
  • Status LED shows keyboard and mouse activity
  • Reset switch reinitializes all devices