SFP Multi Mode Fiber Module LC


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Model: LC-MM-SFP
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Multimode SFP module with LC connectors for use with Avocent HMX 5000/6000 Series.

The HMX series comes with integral SFP cages which allows you to simply plug in fiber optic transceivers suitable for your application. There are two choices available, this Multimode unit (LC-MM-SFP) or a Singlemode unit (LC-SM-SFP). Both provide a 4.25Gbps rate selectable with LC type connectors suitable for up to 500 Meters (Multimode) or 10KM (Single mode).

Question: Are the HMX 5000 series extenders compatible with non-avocent SFP modules? e.g. Cisco or HP.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

A SFP module matching the specifications of the Vertiv / Avocent branded SFP should work with the HMX 5000 extenders. That being said, we would recommend branded accessories from a compatibility and support perspective.