MiniBoot Web Power Reboot & Monitoring Devices by Austin Hughes

Reboot & Monitor Your Device Over IP

Remote power reboot and monitoring functions are essential for hardware systems. MiniBoot Web Power Reboot & Monitoring device offers a cost-efficient power solution for any environment with electronic devices or systems. Users can try to recover the crashed device by remote reboot, reducing the need to send engineers to site (less personnel and travel costs by negating the need for staff to be at the equipment location) therefore improving uptime and productivity.

MiniBoot Key Features Include:

  • Remote Reboot Device Recovery - reboot connected devices easily anytime, from anywhere. With remote reboot, users do not have to wait for on-site services, minimizing device down time.
    • Manual Outlet Switching on/off
    • Automatic Outlet Switching on/off by sensor condition
    • Automatic Outlet Switching on/off scheduling
    • IP-Ping automatically detects a failed system for timely reboot (auto-ping)
  • Enterprise Level IP Authentication - Supports Active Directory (AD), Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAPv3 / LDAPS), Remote Access Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) protocol, or local credential database - including strong passwords and granular user/user group permissions.
  • Power Monitoring via Network & Local Meter - Allows remote power monitoring via the free Graphic User Interface (GUI) and local current monitoring via the MiniBoot blue LED ammeter.
  • Alerts & Alarms - Receive alerts via SNMP, email (SMTP), and syslog when predefined thresholds are exceeded for both the MiniBoot and environmental sensor events.
  • Remote Management - Included User-friendly GUI provides individual outlet switching On/Off, current monitoring and alarm alert functions. The MiniBoot also supports SNMP V2 / V3 integration for clients requiring remote management using existing DCIM ( Data Center Infrastructure Management ) systems.
    • Remote management protocols supported: HTTP(S); SSH Command Line Interface; Telnet; SMTP; IPv6/IPv4
  • Sensors & Wi-Fi - A variety of optional sensors are available to provide environmental monitoring and power management in a single compact device.  An optional Wi-Fi kit (IPD-WIFI) is also available complying with 802.11 g/n/ac protocols.
    • Available sensors include: Temperature & Humidity, Temperature, Smoke, and Mechanical Door Security sensors.