Minicom AristoClass - Classroom Teaching Software

Please note, the Minicom AristoClass is discontinued. For replacement or upgrade options, please contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative at 1-877-586-6654.

New Release! AristoClass Version 4.0
Looking for an inexpensive way to transform your classroom into an interactive computerized learning center? The AristoClass software program is your answer!

AristoClass, a software solution for computerized classrooms, features global observation, multiple teacher control and campus wide instruction. It also includes Internet control options, an active thumbnails user interface and two-way audio chat.

Individual Training from the Teacher's Desktop
First and foremost AristoClass makes learning exciting. Instead of only a blackboard at your disposal you have the full power of the computer to engage your students: audio clips, computer graphics, multimedia presentations and even live action movies.

But AristoClass does more than help students have fun learning. It helps them learn better and faster. With a personalized interactive monitor AristoClass puts every student at the front of the class. It enables teachers to share ideas with their students and students to share them amongst themselves. Teaching time is slashed because teachers can now instruct, check student progress and help them with a problem all from their own console.

Monitor student Internet Options
With ArisoClass 4.0, teachers are in full control of students' activities on the Web. They can broadcast a URL to students, guide students' navigation, or limit students to authorized or relevant web sites only.

Multiple teacher control
AristoClass 4.0 allows students to progress at their own pace with more than one teacher being active in the classroom at the same time, the classroom can be divided into sub-groups or managed by several teachers simultaneously.

The Only Integrated CBT Package
AristoClass is the only hardware compatible software solution on the market. Used in tandem with Minicom's Classnet & ClassPerfect systems it provides the perfect combination.

Minicom AristoClass

Features and Benefits

  • Monitor Internet Options - Guide student navigation, broadcast or block URL's

  • Multiple Teacher Control - more than one teacher can control a classroom or multiple classes

  • Global Observation - Monitor multiple student screens simultaneously

  • Complete Classroom Interaction - Broadcast any screen to any other

  • Active Thumbnails view - monitor student activity by actively viewing their screens

  • Campus Wide Instruction - Teach students in different room simultaneously from a remote location anywhere on the LAN

  • Dynamic "Run Application" Menu - enables the teacher to "Force" an application on the students computers

  • Multiple Communication Methods - Two-way voice chat, CHAT, messaging system

  • Activity Log - log on to any computer in the classroom and keep track of applications used

  • Affordable software solution

  • Extremely Easy To Use - User-friendly graphic interface with push-button toolbox

  • The only hardware compatible computer based training system on the market

System Requirements

Teacher Computer Pentium 3 - 450 Mhz or higher with:
- Windows 95, 98, Me or NT4, W2K, XP, W2003
- 64 MB RAM or higher recommended
- 10 MB free Hard disc space
Student Computer - Minimum Pentium 2 - 350 Mhz, 64 MB
Network requirements - TCP/IP Protocols
- 10/100 Base T
Graphic requirements Any graphic adapter supported by Windows©
Audio requirements - Windows Compatible sound device
- Microphone
- Speakers or headphones