Secure KVM Switches with NIAP Protection Profile 3.0 (PSS PP v3.0)

NIAP Common Criteria Protection Profile version 3.0 (PP3.0)

The NIAP Version 3.0 Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing (KVM) Switches defines the latest requirements for use of Secure Desktop KVM Switches.

Compliance with Protection Profile for Peripheral Sharing Switches version 3.0 (PSS PP3.0) ensures peripheral sharing capabilities provide maximum user data security when switching port focus, preventing unauthorized data flows or leakage between connected sources. Key protections include isolation and unidirectional data flow, restricted peripheral connectivity and filtering, user data protection, configurable device filtering and management, and always-on tamper-proof design, keeping sensitive assets isolated and providing advanced security.

The new 3.0 Protection Profile (PP_PSS_V3.0) replaces the previous EAL2, EAL4 and Common Criteria regulations with stricter requirements.

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What are Secure KVM Switches?

Secure KVM switches are designed from the ground up as dedicated switching devices with every element conceived to prevent unauthorized access and ensure data isolation. The design of Secure KVM switches is optimized for use in accessing networks at different levels of security, including government, military, and defense operations.

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