NTI 10' VGA/PS2 Universal KVM Cable Kit



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Type: KVM Switch Cable
Length: 10 Foot

NTI VKMEXT-10-MM is a 10 Foot universal VGA/PS2 to VGA/PS2 Cable kit for KVM Switches.

PS/2 Keyboard, Mouse & Monitor
Under One Jacket
Gold Plated Copper Contacts

Question: Are all pins connected? 1:1 ? Can I have a datasheet (with conneted pins)
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, there is no data sheet available for this product. The pin-out appears to be 1:1. However, this may be a proprietary KVM Cable for Network Technologies, Inc. (NTI). We could no guarantee compatibility with other KVMs

Question: para que sirve
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. If we understand your question, this is a cable to connect a KVM switch (keyboard, video and mouse switch) with a target computer via PS/2 and VGA connections.

Typically a KVM switch is used to access two or more computers from just one keyboard, video, mouse setup.