Raritan Paragon II 32-Port Stacking Cat5 KVM Switch


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The Raritan Paragon II UMT832S stacking unit has 32 expansion ports for stacking with the UMT832M unit. By adding the cost-effective, space-saving UM832S, you can easily add up to 128 non-blocked ports per switch with 90% less cable than traditional cascading.

With the UM832S, you eliminate the burden of multiple cables between cascading levels, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by more than 30% and save one-third on rack space required and HVAC resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful BIOS-level access and full keyboard and mouse control of Windows, SUN and USB servers
  • High performance analog switching provides extremely high video quality
  • Stacking allows expansion of each switch to attach up to 128 devices per switch with a single cable.
  • Simplifies cabling between tiers by replacing pass through cables with a single expansion cable saving up to 32 cables per switch.
  • Stacking allows a reduction in the number of units deployed by 33% saving initial costs, rack space and HVAC costs.
  • Highly scaleable architecture allows for connection of up to 10,000 attached devices in a single logical deployment.
  • Leverages Raritans Cat5 simplicity technology allowing any standard UTP cables to be used
  • Optional IP Access extends the typical distance between Paragon components allowing users access from anywhere
  • Provides a single, consolidated view and control of Raritan Remote Power Control Units connected to Paragon II
  • GUI software simplifies management and monitoring of data center by consolidating administration of attached equipment.
  • Supports firmware upgrading and completions of installs over the network saving time and money.
  • Allows connection of multiple disparate servers such as Windows, SUN, Compaq, HP and UNIX-based servers. Also allows serial devices to be connected via Raritans AUATC adaptors.
  • Backward compatible with existing Paragon equipment
  • Very small form-factor saves expensive rack space and minimizes electrical consumption by lowering HVAC provisioning needs.
  • Integrated power supply ensures proper power provision and system reliability.

Paragon 2 Hot Key Sequences

Default HotKey, Bring up OSD[Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock]
Help Menu[F1]
Selection Menu[F2]
Edit Name and Scan Menu[F3]
Config Menu[F4]
Update Channel Status[F8]
Channel Sorting[F12]
Quits Current Menu/OSD[ESC]
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UPC 785813300003
EAN 0785813300003