Adder RMK8 Dual rack mount bracket + Hardware


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Adder RMK8 Dual rack mount bracket for the XD150 / XD150FX Extender, DDX-USR user station, & iPeps+ IP Gateway. Includes four retaining clamps and bolts.

Question: Does this kit actually fit the IPEPS-PLUS? The IPEPS-PLUS links here, but this page doesn't specify that it's compatible with the IPEPS-PLUS.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The Adder RMK8 is indeed fully compatible with the Adder iPeps+ (iPEPS-PLUS-US); You can mount up to two iPeps+ units into one RMK8 rack mounting kit.

We updated this page to reflect compatibility with the iPeps+. You can also find the RMK8 listed as an optional accessory in the Adder IPEPS-PLUS Manual.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can ever help you with!