NTI Video Matrix Switch 4 Signals In 2 Out


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Replaced by: Network Technologies SM-4X2-15V-LC
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NTI VEEMUX Matrix Video Only Switch (SM-4X2-15V-LCD)

NTI VEEMUX Video Matrix Switch (SM-4X2-15V-LCD) allows you to connect multiple video sources (computers) to multiple destinations (projectors, monitors, etc.). This  lets signals from a range of input sources be displayed on various output devices, in essence creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnection possibilities. A Video Matrix Switch (SM-4X2-15V-LCD) often acts as the core of a signal management system in presentation applications, as they simplify the process of handing signal routing. Each matrix switch output is buffered from each input, insuring that signal integrity is maintained throughout the system.

NTI VEEMUX Matrix Video Only Switch (SM-4X2-15V-LCD) Features

  • Video Matrix Switch Features & Applications
  • Matrix Control Software with Graphical User Interface (GUI control) is included with the product.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), RS232 and On Screen Display (OSD) are built directly into this switch.
  • No additional hardware or software is needed.
  • Rackmount is standard on all SM-nXm-15V-LCD models. Some models are also available in a desktop case. To order a unit with a desktop case, add "-DT" to the NTI part number.
  • Ideal for classroom, presentations and boardrooms.
  • Switch video from many sources for presentations.
  • Each computer's video can be independently connected to any or all displays.
  • LCD indicators show currently selected channel of each output.