Features & Applications
The SM-nXm-15V-LCD Matrix Video Switch allows you to connect multiple video sources (computers) to multiple destinations (projectors, monitors, etc.). This lets signals from a range of input sources be displayed on various output devices, in essence creating a "matrix" pattern of interconnection possibilities. A Matrix Video Switch often acts as the core of a signal management system in presentation applications, as they simplify the process of handing signal routing.
  • Matrix Control Software with Graphical User Interface (GUI control) (see screen shot) is included with the product. Visit Universal Matrix KVM Switch features to Download this GUI control software.
  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), RS232 and On Screen Display (OSD) are built
    directly into this switch.
  • No additional hardware or software is needed.
  • Rackmount is standard on all SM-nXm-15V-LCD models. Some models are also available in a desktop case. To order a unit with a desktop case, add "-DT" to the NTI part number.
  • Ideal for classroom, presentations and boardrooms.
  • Switch video from many sources for presentations.
  • Each computer's video can be independently connected to any or all displays.
  • LCD indicators show currently selected channel of each output.
  • Custom configurations are available.

Each matrix switch output is buffered from each input, insuring that signal integrity is maintained throughout the system. For example, if a single computer video output is routed to ten computer video monitors, it will appear as if they were connected directly to the original source.

Specifications Control Methods
  • Female 15 pin HD connectors.
  • Supported crisp & clear 1900x1200 resolution.
  • Bandwidth is 200 MHz.
  • The specified bandwidth is the "worst case" when one input
    is connected to all of the outputs.
  • 110 or 220 VAC at 50 or 60 Hz. via AC Adapter.
Buttons on Front Panel
  • Push buttons allow selection of the video source for each monitor.

NTI Matrix Video Switch