Thunderbolt KVM Switches

Control & switch between Thunderbolt based Mac or Intel computer sources

Thunderbolt KVM Switches
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Thunderbolt offers a connection with state-of-the-art speed and versatility, while consolidating data transfer, video output, and charging into a single compact connector. Thunderbolt ports on a Mac computer or another Intel-based PC are generally fully compatible with existing KVM Switch devices and displays*. Depending on your Thunderbolt version, you can either switch between Thunderbolt sources using a DisplayPort-based KVM switch or a KVM switch based on another video standard with the help of video adapters.

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  1. Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) KVM Switches

    The new Thunderbolt 3 standard with USB-C technology is a truly universal connection. With the help of USB-C docking stations / USB-C video adapters, you can connect your Thunderbolt 3 based computers to just about any existing KVM Switch device!* For example, you can use a HDMI-based KVM as a Thunderbolt 3 KVM Switch with USB-C to HDMI adapters.

  2. Thunderbolt 2 & 1 (DisplayPort / Mini-DP) KVM Switches

    Thunderbolt 1 & 2 use the same connector as Mini-DisplayPort, and support standard DisplayPort standard up to version 1.2. To switch between Thunderbolt 1 & 2 sources, you can use a Thunderbolt compatible DisplayPort or Mini-DisplayPort KVM Switch*:

* When adapting Thunderbolt to a different video standard or using a DisplayPort-based KVM switch, Thunderbolt-specific functionality, such as power transfer and chaining, are disabled. Thunderbolt compatible adapters are also required for adapting Thunderbolt standard.