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USB-C KVM Switch - Switch Between & Control Multiple Computer and Mobile Phone / Tablet Sources From a Single User Station

Control & Switch Between USB-C Based Computer and Mobile Device Sources

USB-C KVM Switches allow you to control & switch between multiple USB-C based computer and mobile phone or tablet sources from a single user station. USB-C consolidates Keyboard, Video, Mouse, Peripheral USB media, and Power delivery into one standardized connection.

USB Type-C connectors are 60% smaller than the traditional Type-A connector, are more durable, and are have reversible plug-in design. In addition to video from a USB-C plug, Type-C also supports a variety of different video protocols including HDMI, VGA, DisplayPort, and more through passive KVM adapters / video adapters to allow a variety of video sources or monitors from one single USB port. USB Type-C is a 'super-speed' cable and can handle up to 10Gbps peripheral USB media as well as support the delivery of video with resolution of up to 4K (3840x2160). USB Type-C cables can also be used for power charging as well and offer bi-directional power.

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USB-C to HDMI & USB KVM Switch Adapter

While there aren't many USB-C based KVM Switches currently available, you can use simple readily available USB-C docking stations or USB-C video adapters to connect USB-C based PC, server, phone, tablet, or workstation sources to KVM Switches based on other video standards such as HDMI.

For example, you can use a USB-C to HDMI & USB-A hub like the one pictured above, and connect the KVM Cable directly into it.