UltraConsole Remote 2 - 16-Port, Single Pathway, Multi-platform IP KVM


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The Rose Electronics UCR-1R1X16U/2 is a single pathway, 16-port KVM over IP switch allowing for 1 remote and 1 local user.  This IP Console Switch features multi-platform capability, which allows you to control PCs, SUN, UNIX, Linux, USB, and serial devices from a single console station locally, or over the network.

The UCR-1R1X08U/2 allows for a central user station to connect to 16 computers or serial devices per chassis, expandable to as many as 1,000. The user station can be accessed locally, over the network, or from anywhere in the world.  The on-screen menus make configuring, monitoring, and installation easy with on-screen instructions and help. Use the on-screen menus to name computers, select computers, view connections, assign users, configure system security, and other features.

The UCR-1R1X16U/2 provides serial support to access computers, routers, Ethernet hubs, UNIX devices and more. It can perform as a 'VT100/VT220' terminal emulator with an eight-page scroll buffer.

The UltraConsole Remote 2 series is also available in 1 x 4, and 1 x 16 models. Units easily connect together to make a seamless and truly scalable Remote KVM solution.

UCR-1R1X16U/2 Features:

  • Control PCs, SUN, UNIX, Linux, USB, and serial devices from a single console station locally, over the network, or from anywhere in the world
  • Local KVM port for configuring the UltraConsole 2 and direct local access to the unit
  • Video resolution up to 1600 x 1200
  • Solid-state embedded unit for maximum reliability
  • Plug-in expansion cards and the unit's modular design make it simple to install, expand, and maintain
  • On-screen menu informs you of connection status between units in an expanded system
  • The Security system can be set-up requiring a user ID, password and profile for each user, preventing unauthorized configuration and controling computer access
  • Up to 4 remote users can connect to the remote user port simultaneously. Users connected to the remote user port share all functions
  • Pre-configuration feature allows installation without powering down most servers
  • Remote application (RealVNC or Java applet) can be installed directly from the unit
  • Multi-lingual menu (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese)
  • Flash memory technology allows for fast and reliable upgrades

UltraConsole Remote IP KVM Switch Diagram
UltraConsole Remote IP KVM Switch Diagram

UCR-1R1X16U/2 Specifications:

Height 3.50 in. (9.0 cm)
Width 16.7 in. (42.4 cm)
Depth15.2 in. (38.6 cm.)
Weight14.0 lbs. (6.4 kg.)
Environmental0°-45°C, 5%-80% non-condensing RH
Power90 - 240 VAC, auto-switching
RS232RJ12 (6-pin)
ChassisElectro-galvanized steel, black powder coated (Top cover)
IndicatorsChassis Power, CPU select, CPU power link, local access, remote access, VNC, and speed (10 / 100)
ControlsPower on/off switch, port selector switches
Video syncHV sync, composite, sync-on-green
Bandwidth1 x 4 & 1 x 8 - 250MHz
1 x 16 - 100MHz
EncryptionAES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit public key authentication
ApprovalsFCC, CE