2-Port USB Peripheral Sharing Device


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The US224 is a 2-port USB peripheral sharing device that enables 2 computers to share the use of 4 USB devices - a keyboard, mouse and up to two peripheral devices. It eliminates the added expense of having a separate USB keyboard, mouse and peripheral device(s) for each computer. The US224 all-in-one design allows for a neat and tidy installation - no need to connect 2 separate USB cables to the computer, thus eliminating cable clutter. For extra convenience, it features an external remote port selector that can simplify desktop layout, and select which computer needs to use the USB devices. US224 is the ideal way to share USB peripherals in a multimedia office environment.


  • 4 built in USB ports - all-in-one design allows for a neat and tidy installation that reduces cable clutter
  • Enables 2 computers to share 4 USB devices - a USB keyboard, mouse and up to two peripheral devices
  • Simple port selection via remote port selector for convenient switch placement
  • USB 2.0 compliant
  • LED indicators display port focus
  • Overcurrent protection
  • Non-powered (supports optional USB power adapter)
  • Hot pluggable


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UPC 672792003790
EAN 0672792003790
Question: Could I use this to switch back and forth between a macbook pro and a Lenovo laptop (sharing one keyboard and mouse) while using monitors for each computer? Also, is the switch mechanism easy to use (not to small) so I can switch back and forth with ease.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

If you are looking to switch the USB ports only (for keyboard and mouse) while using 2 separate monitors, the Aten US224 would work for that purpose.

Here is an image of the Aten US224 in-scale:

Aten US224 In Use / In-scale

The size of the unit / switching should not be a problem, the unit features a separate remote button for that purpose:

Aten US224 Package Contents

That being said, this USB switch is really meant for USB peripheral devices, and does not feature USB Keyboard and Mouse (USB-HID) emulation. KB/MS emulation prevents any lag in the mouse and key strokes, inconsistent offset of the devices (keeps them in-sync), and possible occasional dropping of the devices. If you will be using this switch on a regular or semi-regular basis, I would strongly recommend going with a Keyboard and Mouse Switch such as the Cybex SVKM120 (basic) or SmartAVI SKM-04S (lets you switch automatically based on mouse position / movement - note the paragraph about 'PASS Seamless Mouse Switching', and the mouse icon in the application diagram), or a KVM Switch (simply don't plug in the monitors; However, Keyboard-Mouse switches may include more specific features for your application) such as the Aten CS72D or Aten CS1762A (includes cables).

If you are looking to control both PCs using the same keyboard, mouse, and 1 monitor, I would recommend going with a KVM Switch such as the Aten CS72D or the Aten CS1762A (includes cables). This recommendation may change however depending on required video quality, video type(s) (both above are DVI), use types (local vs anywhere over the network vs extended from the unit), audio type, security clearance, daily use, extra peripheral ports, etc. If you would like a recommendation for the ideal KVM for your application, please feel free to contact your KVM Switches Online sales expert directly.