Aten 2 Port Video Matrix Switch, 2 Inputs, 2 Outputs


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The ATEN VS0202 is a 2 port Video Matrix Switch which integrates a video switch, a video splitter, and a speaker together. When the regular video splitter can only distribute a single video signal to multi-monitors and the regular video switch just shows a single video signal at one time,VS0202 allows video and audio signals from 2 separate computers to be routed to 2 monitors, projectors, and speakers independently.

The VS0202 matrix switch is also a signal booster. It allows you to extend the signal transfer distance up about 210 feet with excellent video quality. To provide more outputs, VS0202 can be cascaded itself or regular video splitter (2 levels) for various applications. This video matrix switch is ideal for presentations and applications where information from multiple computers is being delivered to multiple destinations.

Aten Video Matrix Switch Application Diagram
Aten Video Matrix Switch Application Diagram

Aten Video Matrix Switch Features:

  • Each of the 2 video outs can toggle between Source1 and Source2 using front panel push buttons
  • Duplicate and enhance video signals to up to 210 ft. (max.)
  • Expandable
  • Audio enabled OS Compatibility :DOS, Windows, LINUX, Mac OS 8.6/9/10 and SUN Solaris 8/9
  • Simultaneous Monitor Display

VS0202 Package Includes:

  • 1x Video Switch
  • 1x Power Adapter
  • 1x VGA Cable 6.0 ft. (1.8 m.)
  • 1x User Guide

Aten VS0202 Specifications:

Height 5.2 in. (13 cm.)
Width 1.78 in. (4.5 cm.)
Depth 2.95 in. (7.5 cm.)
Weight 1.1 lbs. (0.47 kg.)
Cable Distance Up to 210 ft. (65 m.)
Housing Metal
Operating Temperature 32 ~ 122F (0~50 C)
Storage Temperature -4~ +140F (-20~ +60C)
Humidity 0~ 80% RH, NC
Amps output 2.4 A
Voltage output DC 5.3V
Power On 1, Blue
ACT (Activity) 2 green
Video Input 2 x 15 pin HDB Male, Blue
Audio Output 2 x Earphone Jack, Female, Green
Power 1 x DC jack
Video Output 2 x 15 pin HDB Female, Blue
Audio Input 2 x Earphone Jack, Female, Green
Signal Type VGA; SVGA; MultiSync
Video Resolution 1600 x1200@ 60 Hz
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UPC 672792132001
EAN 0672792132001
Question: Hello, is it also possible to split one source into two monitors? for example - to open mail on monitor one, and browser on monitor two?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, no, this device requires two independent sources and would not add extended desktop functionality to a computer that did not natively support two monitors.

To add the ability to extend your computer across two monitors, you will need to have/add a second video output (most often by adding an additional video card) then configure the operating system to utilize both monitors.

Question: I am able to connect two monitors to each of the PC. And both monitors are able to work in split mode, when one shows one picture, and a second one monitors shows another picture from the same computer. So if both my PC are currently able to split picture on two monitors will this device make the same trick?
Answer: It is possible this unit could take the sources from two different PCs and route them to two different monitors, yes. But, it would only connect to one video output on each computer.