Adder Combined dual link DVI-D and USB (USB A to B) Cable 15ft Length


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Model: 16ft
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The Adder VSCD4 is a combined dual link DVI-D and USB (USB A to B) cable with 15 ft. (5 m.) length.

Question: How thick of gauge is the wire on the VSCD4? The average beaver tooth is 26.4 MM, would the VSCD4 be beaver-proof, or should I be looking for a thicker gauge dongle?
Answer: Our guess is that no dongle would be beaver proof; perhaps metal sheathing would be appropriate? Or perhaps even copper tubing? Of course that raises the question, is this for an outdoor application? We could not recommend using any KVM or dongle in a permanent outdoor installation. The elements will probably do far more damage than a beaver ever could.