ZONIT uATS LV Models - 120V, 12A

ZONIT Micro uATS LV (120V, 12A) models eliminate the need for expensive dual-power supplies in devices, simply use Micro ATS on a individual device basis for cost effective N+1 redundant deployment. Micro ATS can be moved over to a new device when the old one fails or is replaced. The uATS is not phase dependent and does not need to be phase aligned - automatic universal power for 1-3 phase.

Micro uATS' come in 120V (12A) and 240V (8A) variants, for 1-3 devices, and with different input/output cord lengths. To see all available models click here.

Z-ATS TypeInput ConnectorsOutput Connector(s)Part Number

Zonit Z-ATS Integrated


Add Dual-AC to any single device

(2) 5-15 - 2ft Cord(1) C13 PluguATS1-LV-515
(2) 5-15 - 6ft Cord(1) C13 PluguATS1-LV-515-6

Zonit Z-ATS Y


Add Dual-AC to any single device

(2) 5-15 - 2ft Cord(1) 5-15 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-Y515-515
(2) 5-15 - 2ft Cord(1) C13 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-YC13-515
(2) 5-15 - 6ft Cord(1) C13 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-YC13-515-6

Zonit Z-ATS Hydra

Z-ATS Hydra

Add Dual-AC to any 2 or 3 devices
(2) 5-15 - 2ft Cord(2) C13 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-Y2C13-515
(2) 5-15 - 6ft Cord(2) C13 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-Y2C13-515-6
(2) 5-15 - 2ft Cord(3) C13 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-Y3C13-515
(2) 5-15 - 6ft Cord(3) C13 - 1ft CorduATS1-LV-Y3C13-515-6