Minicom 220V PS/2 Mini KVM Extender



Recommended replacement: Tripp Lite B013-330
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Note: The USA version of this KVM Extender is the Minicom 0DT23008A

The Minicom Mini KVM 0DT23008 Extender is a high value, affordable solution for extending your KVM console from your computer or KVM switch to a distance of up to 70m/230ft away over clutter free CAT5/6/7 cables.

If you're working from a small office, home office (SOHO), the Mini KVM Extender is your preferred extended control solution - just place the KVM console where you want and the computer where you need and you're all set to go!

For industrial applications such as manufacturing lines or clean rooms, the Mini KVM Extender provides maximum safety and security allowing you to place computers and servers in a single centralized location, far away from any production hazards.

IT managers seeking extended access to server rooms in a tightly secured environment will find the Mini KVM Extender particularly efficient and easy to use. Ideal also for presentation and training applications, the Mini KVM Extender provides flexibility and security coupled with highly attractive pricing.

The Minicom Mini KVM Extender is made up of 2 micro sized, compact units on both ends: the Transmitter unit that connects to the computer and the Receiver unit that connects to the KVM hardware. The Mini KVM Extender is a pure hardware solution making it both software and network independent.

0dt23010 Diagram

0DT23008 Features and Benefits:

  • More security - Look after your investment. Store computers in locked, environmentally controlled rooms
  • More flexibility - Place your KVM console where you want and your computer where you need
  • More efficiency - Make your set up work for you instead of working for your set up
  • Attractive - Lowest price for highest quality KVM extender
  • Preserve your investment - Perfect add-on for existing installations- Extend KVM console 70m/230ft from server room, rack or KVM switch
  • Plug and play solution
  • Micro sized - Smallest form factor for sleek Transmitter and Receiver units. Once installed you won't even know they exist!
  • KVM-over-CAT5 - Low cost, low density, easy to install Standard CAT5/6/7 cable
  • Compact retail package
  • Peace of mind with Minicom's 3-year warranty
  • Save money - External power needed only on receiver end, Transmitter draws power directly from KB port
  • Pure hardware - No software conflicts, network independent
  • No compatibility issues! - Connect and control through any of Minicom's wide range of KVM solutions

0DT23008 Technical Specifications

System Cable
Maximum Distance
Mouse support
CAT5/6/7 cable 2x4x24 AWG Solid Wire
2 or 2 or 5 buttons PS/2, Wheelmouse
Operating System

Screen Resolution
DOS, Windows (3x,9x,ME,NT4,2000,XP,2003 Server and later), Linux, UNIX,HP,UX,ONX,SGI,FreeBSD,BeOS,Open VMS,Novell 3.12-6, Solaris, java Desktop System
Up to 1600x1200 @ 75 HZ (depends on cable length)
Operating Temperature
Storage Temperature
0°C to 40°C /32 °F to 104°F  
-40°C to 40°C /-40 °F to 104°F

Cables & Connectors

Power Supply
Shipping Weight
Built-in KVM  ; System - RJ45 VGA-HDD15F , Keyboard - MiniDin6F,  Mouse-MiniDin6F, System - RJ45
From connected computer External power adapter 5VDC
89x46x25.3mm / 3.5x1.8x0.9" 89x46x25.3mm / 3.5x1.8x0.9"

1 lb

1 lb