Minicom by Tripplite SmartRack 116, Rackmount LCD w/ 16 Port CAT5 KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Cyberview N117-U1601
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The Minicom by Tripplite SmartRack 116 is a 17", Single-rail Rackmount LCD with 16 port detachable KVM switch.  This Rack mountable KVM drawer with an integrated CAT5 KVM switch gives secure, BIOS level access and control of up to 16 servers in a rack either remotely or locally.1U sized switch with innovative ROC dongle technology.

Minicom by Tripplite 0SU52091 Features & Benefits:

  • Space saving- When every U counts and every cable counts.  Use only one U for the KVM drawer and the KVM switch.
  • Cost saving- Save on total cost of ownership of your server room by freeing up more U space for servers or devices.
  • CAT5 technology- Eliminate cable clutter at the rack. Use standard UTP or FTP cables.
  • Extended distance- Distance between computers & drawer can be up to 30m/98 feet.
  • Supports PS/2 servers.
  • Flexibility- Use CAT5 cabling to customize your server room.
  • Multi-layer security through OSD- Three levels of security ensure only authorized users can control or access the system. 128-bit SSL protocol guards and protects your corporate data to efficiently prevent hacking and security breaches.
  • Flash upgrade- Field firmware upgrade for the switches and ROC's.
  • Scalability- Upgrade from local to remote access as you grow.  Add just one ROC per new server/computer.

Minicom by Tripplite SmartRack 116 IP Application Diagram
Minicom by Tripplite SmartRack 116 Application Diagram

The SmartRack 116 package includes:

  • SmartRack 116 drawer
  • SmartRack 116 switch
  • User Guide
  • Power cord
  • RS-232 upgrade cable

Note: The ROC you require depends on your system and must be ordered separately.

Minicom by Tripplite 0SU52091 Specifications:

Height 1.7 in. (44 mm.)
Width 18.5 in. (470.1 mm.)
Depth 17.6 in. (447.5 mm.)
Operating Temperature 0° - 40° degree C/32° -104°F
Storage Temperature 20° - 40° degree C/-4° - 104°F
Humidity 10%~90%RH
Input 100-240 VAC input
Display Size 17"
Panel Type Active Matrix TFT LCD
Resolution Capabilities Maximum Resolution up to 1280X1024
Pixel Pitch Supports 0.264mm
Viewing Angle Right-Left view 60° - 70°
Up-Down view 45° - 60°
Contrast Ratio 450:1
Brightness White 250cd/m2
Back Light Four Lamps
Supported Colors 16.7M Colors
Operating Systems Windows, Linux, Unix and all other major operating systems
Multi Platform Supports PS/2 via ROC
Number of Ports 16
System Cables CAT5 FTP or UTP 2x4x24 AWG solid wire
Response Time Rising time 2-6ms Delay time 14-24ms
Keyboard/Mouse 106 key PS/2 keyboard with touch pad mouse
Sync 45~80KHZ
Computer to Switch Distance Up to 30m/100ft
Connection Types  
System 16 RJ45
Serial RJ11

This is the recommended replacement for the 0SU52091/EN