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For over 30 years, Dataprobe has been providing communication managers and OEM developers with innovative solutions to make their jobs easier. Dataprobe's products and custom solutions provide a link to your remote sites and equipment for management, monitoring and remote control.

Dataprobe occupies a modern Hi-Tech 20,000 square ft. facility in Paramus NJ. Dataprobe has a staff of trained professionals from the engineering, technical and sales fields whose common goal is to service your needs the best way possible. Dataprobe's equipment has been proven highly reliable in today's demanding remote site management environment.

Extend Your Reach symbolizes the leverage you will achieve to manage your remote sites with less time, effort and personnel. Dataprobe's solutions for Remote Power Control, Resource Sharing, Alarm Reporting and Redundancy (A/B) Switching allow you to do more with less resources and use existing resources to their fullest.