Belkin SOHO KVM Switch, 4 Ports



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The Belkin F1DS104J is a 4-port SOHO KVM Switch which allows you to share your monitor, keyboard, and mouse with up to four USB and PS/2 computers. You can also connect one set of speakers and use them for all your computers. The SOHO KVM Switch helps to increase your efficiency and productivity at home or in the office by reducing desktop clutter while keeping access to all of your programs and files spread across multiple computers.

Belkin F1DS104J Features:

  • Switches easily between Mac computers and PCs
  • Front-panel buttons with NEW LED indicator lights allow you access audio and video content from multiple computers simultaneously
  • Requires no software for installation
  • Included cables are color-coded to match the front buttons and back panel for trouble-free installation
  • Now supports hot-key functionality for optional switching
  • Supports monitors with VGA connections
  • Supports PS/2 keyboards and mice
  • Supports both PS/2- and USB-based computers
Question: Will this switch work with both Windows 95 and XP operating systems?
Answer: According to our Belkin contact, yes, this switch is compatible. Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 2003 and previous versions are supported.

Question: Hi, I have a mix of 4 PC's. Some USB keyboard and mouse, some USB. I need a 4 port KVM that includes all the cables to make this work. What to you recommend? Thanks!
Answer: For your setup, we would recommend The Avocent 4SV1000-001. You will need to buy 4x CBL0029/30/or 31 cables depending on the length you need. These cable are VGA USB and PS2.

Question: This product include cables?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, Belkin SOHO KVM Cables now come included in the box with your KVM Switch.

Question: Does this support 'keep alive' circuitry, to prevent mouse and kbd lockup?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Most KVMs will have some sort of keep alive function, however, we have been seeing issues with KVMs and Windows 7 compatibility where Windows 7 polls continuously for USB changes. If you are using the KVM in an environment with Windows 7 machines, we would recommend opting for a newer model that explicitly states Windows 7 compatibility. Please give us a call at 1-877-586-6654.

Question: Will this unit work with a wireless keyboard & mouse?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry.
Using wireless keyboards and mice is very hit or miss when it comes to KVMs. This is related to the very different way in which wireless peripherals communicate and a KVM's internal mouse/keyboard emulation. We cannot guarantee a particular wireless setup will work with a particular KVM.

That being said, customers who attempt to use wireless keyboards and mice find Avocent switches, like this model:, to work best. Alternatively, we have heard of some success when using a KVM equipped with a USB hub in addition to the USB console connectors. However, this typically results in some loss of functionality in regards to Hotkey switching and other keyboard supported functions.

Again, it is a hit or miss proposition and we cannot guarantee any switch will work. For best performance and compatibility, we always suggest wired keyboards and mice.

Question: I have four computers, one XP, two Windows 7 and one Windows 8. (I am a software beta tester). Would this switch be compatible with all four computers? Thanks so much.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Belkin states support through Vista. Even though this is a hardware based solution, with no drivers needed; due to fundamental changes in the Windows operating system starting with Windows 7, we could not say for sure if it would be fully compatible.

Question: Can I order the combo cable for this switch separately
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. The cables for this unit area available to order. They are part numbers F1D9102-06 for the 6 foot version and F1D9102-10 for the ten foot version. However, it appears the 10 foot version may be discontinued.

Unfortunately, they are not currently listed on our website. We will add the 6 foot version which should be available to purchase online tomorrow.