4 Port VGA KVM Switches

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    AdderView PRO

    1 to 4 Multi-Monitor VGA
    4 to 8 Computers / Servers
    Up to 2K (2048 x 1080) Resolution
    Independent USB Hub & Audio Support
    Adder PRO AV4PRO 4Port VGA KVM Switch - Single Monitor, Dual Monitor, Triple Monitor, Quad Monitor
  • Adder DDX10 VGA CAT5 KVM Switch - Flexible 1-9 User, 1-9 Port Matrix

    AdderView DDX10

    19 inch rack mountable KVM switch, DVI, DisplayPort, VGA, USB, and audio

    Flexible 1-9 User, 1-9 Port KVM matrix switch

    Adder DDX10 VGA CAT5 KVM Features list
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    Aten CS1734B 4 Port KVM Switch - Serial, Virtual Media, Smart Card (CAC) and Audio support

    ATEN CS1734B

    Manage 4 VGA Servers or Serial Devices
    Virtual Media and Smart Card (CAC) Support
    Audio enabled
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