Aten 15" 16-Port LCD KVM & IP Access Bundle


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Recommended replacement: Raloy RF117HD
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The ATEN KLCN1116LKIT is a kit which includes a 16-Port 15" LCD KVM Switch (the Aten KL116L) and a Remote IP unit (the Aten CN5000). 

ATEN KLCN1116LKIT Features:

  • A single LCD console drawer with built-in KVM switch controls up to 16 computers directly and allows you to remotely control these computers via the LAN, WAN, or the Internet Supports 10Base-T, 100Base-T, TCP/IP, and HTTP through the Java Client
  • Dedicated daisy chain port to link up to 31 more High Density KVM Switches (model KH0116) and allows you to control up to 512 computers from a single console
  • Convenient computer selection via intuitive mouse-driven On Screen Display (OSD) menus or Hot Key combinations
  • Remote console port offers the option to control your servers from up to 500 ft away, or through the bundled KVM on the Net unit for IP access
  • Sophisticated Administrator software allows setup for network, security, and user management
  • Advanced security features: password protection, advanced encryption technologies, sophisticated user filters and user management, stealth mode and automatic lockout
  • User-friendly client software allows for video adjustment, bandwidth control and mouse synchronization
  • Auto-sensing of station position on daisy chained installations - no need for manual DIP switch setting
  • Windows GUI and Java based client software; Java client works with all operating systems
  • Upgradeable firmware

ATEN KLCN1116LKIT Package Includes:

  • 1 x KL1116L
  • 1 x CN5000

ATEN KLCN1116LKIT Specifications:

Package Dimensions  
Height 12 in. (30.5 cm.)
Width 30 in. (76.2 cm.)
Depth 36 in. (91 cm.)
Weight 58.2 lbs. (26.5 kg.)