Rose Electronic 1 VGA PS/2 CPU to 2 KVM, DB25 KVM & CPU Connectors, SV-Chassis


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Rose MultiStation (ML-2U)
When you need to access one computer from multiple locations, Rose MultiStation (ML-2U) is the product for you. The Rose MultiStation (ML-2U) allows multiple users each with a keyboard, video, and mouse to access a single computer on a first come, first serve basis. All connected keyboards, videos and mice will act exactly as if they were connected directly to your computer. The Rose MultiStation's (ML-2U) sharing feature doesn't require any keyboard commands to use. The unit also splits the video signal allowing the same screen to be displayed on all monitors.

Rose MultiStation (ML-2U) Features & Benefits:

  • Fully automatic KVM sharing on first-come first-serve basis
  • Available in three models:
    ML-2U - Standalone unit 2 KVM/1 CPU
    ML-4U - Standalone unit 4 KVMs / 1 CPU
    MLK-2U - Distributed units up to 250' apart, local unit with 1 KVM/ 1 CPU, remote unit with 1 KVM
  • Adjustable keyboard timeout, video blanking timeout, keyboard typematic rate and delay on each station
  • Dip switches allow commands to be disabled on each KVM
  • Can display video to all KVMs simultaneously
  • Enable, disable, and freeze commands to control access of stations
  • Automatic enable of PS/2 mouse when cable is reconnected
  • Drives keyboard, video, and mouse signals up to 100 feet away
  • Video resolution supports VGA up to 1280X1024 non-interlaced video
  • Status LED on front panel flashes to show on-line status and keyboard-mouse activity
  • Supports both PS/2 and serial mouse and PC keyboard modes 1, 2, and 3
  • Rack mount kits available for 19", 23", and 24" racks
  • Compatible with other Rose switches and extenders

Rose MultiStation (ML-2U)
Rose MultiStation (ML-2U) Function Diagram

Rose MultiStation (ML-2U) Specifications:

Height 2.1 in. (5.3 cm.)
Width 8.85 in. (22.5 cm.)
Depth 4.9 in (12.5 cm)
Weight 3 Lbs. (1.4 kg.)
Environmental 32°F - 131°F, (0°C - 55°C) 0% - 80% noncondensing
relative humidity
Power AC Auto-Switching, 90 - 240 VAC, external
Connectors Power: DIN5
Bus in/out: 13W3F (Model MLK-2U)

Rack mount 19", 23", or 24"
Chassis Fully shielded, black painted steel
Controls Power ON/OFF Switch, 8-Position Dip Switch
Indicators Power LED (green), Status LED (yellow)
Remote video LED (yellow)

Approved Agency CE