Rose Multistation, KVM Sharing Unit, 2 Users & 1 VGA PS/2 CPU - 200ft Extension


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The Rose MultiStation MLK-2U is a KVM sharing unit which connects up to 2 KVM switches to 1 CPU and allows for 2 users.

When you need to access one computer from multiple locations, this KVM sharing unit is the product for you. The MultiStation MLK-2U allows multiple users each with a keyboard, video, and mouse to access a single computer on a first come, first serve basis. All connected keyboards, videos and mice will act exactly as if they were connected directly to your computer. The Rose MLK-2U sharing feature doesn't require any keyboard commands to use. The unit also splits the video signal allowing the same screen to be displayed on all monitors.

Rose MultiStation KVM Sharing Features & Benefits:

  • Fully automatic KVM sharing on first-come first-serve basis
  • Available in three models:
    ML-2U - Standalone unit 2 KVM/1 CPU
    ML-4U - Standalone unit 4 KVMs / 1 CPU
    MLK-2U - Distributed units up to 250' apart, local unit with 1 KVM/ 1 CPU, remote unit with 1 KVM
  • Adjustable keyboard timeout, video blanking timeout, keyboard typematic rate and delay on each station
  • Dip switches allow commands to be disabled on each KVM
  • Can display video to all KVMs simultaneously
  • Enable, disable, and freeze commands to control access of stations
  • Automatic enable of PS/2 mouse when cable is reconnected
  • Drives keyboard, video, and mouse signals up to 100 feet away
  • Video resolution supports VGA up to 1280X1024 non-interlaced video
  • Status LED on front panel flashes to show on-line status and keyboard-mouse activity
  • Supports both PS/2 and serial mouse and PC keyboard modes 1, 2, and 3
  • Rack mount kits available for 19", 23", and 24" racks (sold separately)
  • Compatible with other Rose switches and extenders

Rose MultiStation KVM Sharing Unit
Rose MultiStation KVM Sharing Function Diagram

Rose MLK-2U Specifications:

Height 2.1 in. (5.3 cm.)
Width 8.85 in. (22.5 cm.)
Depth 4.9 in (12.5 cm)
Weight 3 lbs. (1.4 kg.)
Rackmount 19", 23" or 24" (rackmount kits sold separately)
Environmental 32°F - 131°F, (0°C - 55°C) 0% - 80% non-condensing
relative humidity
Power AC Auto-Switching, 90 - 240 VAC, external
Power DIN5
Bus In/Out 13W3F
Power LED Green
Status LED Yellow
Remote Video LED Yellow
Chassis Fully shielded, black painted steel
Approvals CE