Raritan Paragon II 64-Port Stacking Cat5 KVM Switch


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The UMT1664S comes with 64 expansion ports for stacking with the UMT1664M. BY adding the cost-effective, space-saving UM1664S, you can easily ADD up TO 128 non-blocked ports per switch WITH 90 percent less cable than traditional cascading.

With the UMT1664S, you eliminate the burden of multiple cables between cascading levels, reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by more than 30% and save one-third on rack space required and HVAC resources.

Features and Benefits

  • Powerful BIOS-level access and full keyboard and mouse control of Windows, SUN and USB servers
  • High performance analog switching provides extremely high video quality
  • Stacking allows expansion of each switch to attach up to 128 devices per switch with a single cable.
  • Simplifies cabling between tiers by replacing pass through cables with a single expansion cable saving up to 32 cables per switch.
  • Stacking allows a reduction in the number of units deployed by 33% saving initial costs, rack space and HVAC costs.
  • Highly scaleable architecture allows for connection of up to 10,000 attached devices in a single logical deployment.
  • Leverages Raritans Cat5 simplicity technology allowing any standard UTP cables to be used
  • Optional IP Access extends the typical distance between Paragon components allowing users access from anywhere
  • Provides a single, consolidated view and control of Raritan Remote Power Control Units connected to Paragon II GUI software simplifies management
  • and monitoring of data center by consolidating administration of attached equipment.
  • Supports firmware upgrading and completions of installs over the network saving time and money.
  • Allows connection of multiple disparate servers such as Windows, SUN, Compaq, HP and UNIX-based servers. Also allows serial devices to be connected via Raritans AUATC adaptors.
  • Backward compatible with existing Paragon equipment
  • Very small form-factor saves expensive rack space and minimizes electrical consumption by lowering HVAC provisioning needs.
  • Integrated power supply ensures proper power provision and system reliability.

Paragon 2 Hot Key Sequences

Default HotKey, Bring up OSD[Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock]
Help Menu[F1]
Selection Menu[F2]
Edit Name and Scan Menu[F3]
Config Menu[F4]
Update Channel Status[F8]
Channel Sorting[F12]
Quits Current Menu/OSD[ESC]
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UPC 785813300010
EAN 0785813300010