1U Rackmount Keyboard Drawer with integrated 16-port PS/2 KVM Switch



Recommended replacement: Cyberview RK-S1601
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The RK-1601 is available with the following keyboard options:

RK-601 Series is a keyboard in a drawer with features such as adjustable brackets, selective touchpad or trackball to provide effective assistant for an administrator to control multiple PCs.  This rackmount keyboard aslo comes with a 16 port KVM Switch and (16) 6ft cable.

RKP Series is cost effective for your limited IT budget over using CRT and rack mounting. Also, it will be space saving for your compact environment rack.

Cyberview RK-1601 Features

  • Rugged metal construction
  • Rear mounting bracket included
  • Fully compatible with IBM/AT keyboard
  • Lockable drawer to secure the keyboard and mouse
  • Supplied with 12V 5A remote power adapter (single power source)
  • Lock out rails to prevent movement of the keyboard
  • Lightweight aluminum construction - with a black anodize finish
  • Cascade for use up to 128 servers
  • Name servers up to 16 characters long
  • Scan mode - Monitor servers at intervals 5 to 99 seconds
  • High Video Quality - Up To 1920X1440, Bandwidth: 200MHz
  • Built-in microprocessor emulation for each port boots up process
  • Support eight characters password protection and search PC server name
  • VGA, keyboard & mouse all-in-one by 15pin HDDB connector at switch side
  • Multi-platform - mix PCs, SUN Microsystems, IBM compatibles, HPs, Compaq and Dell
  • Hot Pluggable - Add PCs or Remove Connected PCs for Maintenance without powering down the PS/2 KVM switch or PCs
  • No Software Required - easy PC selection via On Screen Display Manual, Push Buttons, Hot Keys.

Cyberview RK-1601 Keyboard Benefits

  • Integrated, high quality PS/2-compatible 16mm Logitech trackball
  • Cursor keys retained
  • Keycaps arranged in 18mm grid
  • LEDs indicate status of operating functions
  • 83 keys (US layout), 84 keys (European layout)
  • Reliability: MTBF: 134.000 hours
  • Operating life of individual keys: 20 million operation