NTI HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR



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The NTI XTENDEX ST-IPUSBH-1G HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR provides remote KVM (USB keyboard, USB mouse, and HDMI monitor) access to a USB computer or HDMI source up to 330 feet over a Gigabit network using a single CAT5e/6 cable. Each ST-IPUSBH-1G consists of a local unit that connects to a computer or HDMI source, and a remote unit that connects to a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speaker, microphone, and other USB devices.

The local and remote ST-IPUSBH-1G units can be connected together for a Point-to-Point connection via CAT5e/6 cable or a Point-to-Many connection via a managed network switch.

NTI XTENDEX ST-IPUSBH-1G Features and Benefits:

  • Supports HDTV resolutions to 1080p and computer resolutions to 1920x1200 (WUXGA).
    • Extend 1080p up to 330 feet in a Point-to-Point connection.
    • Extend 1080p up to 660 feet in a Point-to-Point or Point-to-Many connection via a managed network switch.
  • Supports USB 2.0 devices.
    • Keyboard and mouse are hot-pluggable.
    • Connect a mouse, keyboard, flashdrive, or HDD.
  • Full Infrared Remote (IR) control of HDMI source from remote HDTV using existing source remote control.
  • Load individual EDID tables from monitors.
  • Support for multiple transmitters and receivers requires a managed network switch.
    • Distance between transmitter and receiver can be up to 660 feet when using a managed network switch (330 feet on each side).
    • Easily expandable - add receivers as you add control stations.
    • Identically configure dip switches on a transmitter and multiple receivers to link them together.
      • Simply press and hold the USB link button on a receiver for 3 seconds to gain USB control.
    • Cascade managed network switches to extend the distance between transmitter and receiver.
    • Up to 16 transmitters can be connected per individual network switch or between cascaded network switches.
  • When using multiple remote units, only one unit can have USB control over the source at any time.
    • Analog audio signals are transmitted via USB - a deactivated remote unit will continue to display video but does not provide analog sound or user control.
    • HDMI digital audio will still pass through as it is embedded in the video signal.
  • Supports 2-way RS232 commands at baud rate 115200 (control software on a PC, or other automated control system hardware such as Control4 or Crestron) to control devices attached to the matrix using RS232.
  • Inexpensive CAT5e/6 cable replaces bulk video cables.
  • HDCP compliant.
  • Supports the DDC2B protocol.
  • Compliant with the HDMI v1.2 standard.

NTI XTENDEX HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR Diagram
(ST-IPUSBH-1G depicted here)


  • 1 ST-IPUSBH-1G HDMI & USB over single CAT5e/6 Transmitter
  • 1 ST-IPUSBH-1G HDMI & USB over single CAT5e/6 Receiver
  • 2 5V / 3A DC power supplies
  • 1 IR Blaster
  • 1 User Manual

NTI XTENDEX ST-IPUSBH-1G Specifications:

Width7.09 in. (180mm)
Height0.98 in. (25mm)
Depth4.33 in. (110mm)
WeightTransmitter: 0.842 lbs. (.382kg)
Receiver: 0.847 lbs. (.384kg)
Operating Temperature32 to 104°F (0 to 40°C)
Storage Temperature-4 to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
Operating/Storage Humidity20-90% RH (non-condensing)
Power ConsumptionTransmitter: 5W; Receiver: 12W
Input Port1 x USB Type B; 1 x HDMI;
1 x IR Blaster; 1 x RS-232;
Output Port1 x RJ45
Input Port1 x RJ45; 1 x 3.5mm Audio In
Output Ports4 x USB Type A; 1 x HDMI; 1 x RS-232
1 x IR Receiver; 1 x 3.5mm Audio Out
Question: (Point-to-Many connection via a managed network ).Do you mean that I have to Create VLAN for ST-IPUSBH-1G & ST-IPUSBH-L-1G.step? Thank you.
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

In a multi-point configuration, that is correct - you would manage the extenders units over VLAN. With point-to-point you could use VLAN or just plug the CATx wire directly into the receiver.

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