Adder SmartView MultiScreen 4 port Dual Head KVM switch



Replaced by: Adder AV4PRO-VGA-Dual
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The Adder SmartView Multiscreen SVMS4-DUAL KVM Switch expands the horizons of computer control by adding multiple monitor support to an advanced KVM switch. The SVMS4-Dual enables a keyboard, mouse and 2 monitors to control 4 computers. The Multiscreen is a new concept in KVM switches and enables you to benefit from all the convenience of the proven SmartView switches which taking advantage of the multiple monitor facilities available on many modern computers.

Adder SVMS4-DUAL SmartView dual screen KVM Switch Back
Rear view of the Adder SVMS4-DUAL SmartView dual screen KVM

Computers fitted with multiple video cards are becoming more common as operating systems have developed to make use of the extended video "real estate" offered by multiple monitors. The increased display area enables more information to be presented to the user without reducing the resolution. The Multiscreen SVMS4-DUAL enables several computers equipped with these multiple video facilities to be controlled from a keyboard, mouse and an array of monitors. All the monitors and the keyboard and mouse are switched together from one computer to the next giving you full control of the wider picture.

The Adder SVMS4-DUAL maximizes the video quality by minimizing any ghosting, smudging or fading effects. DDC (Display Data Channel) signaling is supported on all the SmartView's video ports making them "plug-and-play" compatible and enabling your computers' video cards to be configured for best performance.

Adder SmartView Multiscreen KVM Switch Diagram
Adder SmartView Multiscreen KVM Switch Diagram

Adder SVMS4-DUAL Features:

  • Control several multi-video enabled PCs from a single keyboard, mouse and bank of video monitors.
  • High quality video with DDC support and resolutions up to 1920 by 1440 pixels.
  • Computer selection via keyboard hotkeys, mouse, front panel key, RS232 or remote controller.
  • SmartBoot enables simultaneous bootup of all computers.
  • Software independent operation ensures very wide compatibility.
  • Reliably draws power from the attached PCs avoiding the need for an extra power supply.
  • Flash upgradeable for future device support and enhancements.
  • Excellent for banking, security and engineering applications.
  • Cascadeable to support more than four computers.
  • Hardware compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, RS6000, SGI and DEC Alphas.
  • May be linked together to synchronously switch up to sixteen monitors.
  • Sun and USB keyboard and mouse connections plus full audio support are available to special order in addition to standard PS/2.

Adder SVMS4-DUAL Specifications:

Height 4.1 in. (105 mm.)
Width 10.2 in. (260 mm.)
Depth 6.1 in. (155 mm.)
Power Draws its power from the attached computers
Keyboard & Mouse 6-pin mini-DIN female
Video 15-way high-density D-type
Options port 15-way standard D-type connector with proprietary pin allocation
Front panel key For computer selection
Numerical display Shows selected computer and keyboard/mouse activity
Reset & option switches Base-mounted
Optional remote controller connects to rear
Computer Selection Computers may be selected using the front panel key, keyboard hotkeys, a three button mouse or wheel mouse, RS232 data commands or the optional remote controller
Operation mode The keyboard, mouse and all the video heads are switched together so that the keyboard and mouse are controlling the computer whose video is currently displayed on the monitors.
Synchronized Switching SmartView Multiscreens may be linked together via their options ports to provide synchronized switching
Keyboard PS/2 or AT style keyboards supported
Mouse Supports 2 and 3 button mice and most wheel and scroll mice including the Microsoft IntelliMouse and IntelliMouse Explorer
Video High bandwidth video supported at resolutions up to 1920 x 1440
Upgradeability Flash upgradeable to support new devices by connecting a computer's serial port to the options port and running a download program.
Software Software independent operation ensures very wide compatibility that includes Windows 3.X, WFWG, 95, 98, 2000, NT, ME, XP, DOS, Unix, Linux, NetWare, OS/2 and BSD
Hardware Hardware compatible with desktop and laptop PCs, RS6000, SGI and DEC Alphas.
Optional Remote Controller Plugs into the options port at the rear of the SmartView
Standards Complies with European EMC directive 89/336/EEC. CE marked. FCC class A compliant.
Question: This device doesn't come with Addler's "True Emulation USB2.0 technology"? I guess it's only PS/2? Please add back-picture :)
Answer: Thank you for the suggestion. We have added an image showing the back of this switch. You are correct, this dual monitor KVM is for PS/2.

We do carry Adder KVMs with "True Emulation USB2.0 technology". Why don't you give us a call (toll free) at 1-877-586-6654, so we can help pin point the best possible solution for you needs.