AdderView Matrix 8-Port KVM Switch



Replaced by: Adder AVX4016
Recommended replacement: Adder AVX4016
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The AdderView AVM208 allows two users to control eight computers with simultaneous non-blocking access. This 8 port AdderView Matrix KVM switch is designed for use in server rooms and high density PC environments by multiple and simultaneous users. A reliable and flexible solution, the matrix AVM208 is engineered to control environments where reliable operation is essential, even across mixed operating systems. This Adder KVM switch offers an advanced On-Screen Display, 1900x1440 video resolution, Flash upgradeable firmware and individual user profiling.

AdderView AVM208 KVM Switch Diagram
AdderView AVM208 KVM Switch Diagram

Adder AVM208 Features:

  • Two Keyboard Video monitor and Mouse ports allow simultaneous access.
  • Cascade Matrix to support up to 500 PCs from one OSD database.
  • Exceptionally high video quality with screen resolution up to 1900 x 1440.
  • DDC compliant monitor ports.
  • Standard PC99 specification color coded connectors reduce cabling costs.
  • Mixed PS/2, wheel mice and AT/ RS232 keyboards and mice supported.
  • Channel selection via On Screen Display menu, front panel, mouse, user selectable hot-key combinations or RS232 control.
  • OSD menu supports up to 16 different user access profiles.
  • Compatible with all major software including DOS, Windows 3.x/95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP, Linux, Unix and NetWare.
  • Advanced On Screen Display - up to 16 different passwords and user profiles can be stored on the Matrix
  • Flash upgradeable firmware - as new drivers are released, free upgrades can be downloaded from the Adder website.
  • Front panel keys - used for selecting users and channels manually. Also used for selecting auto-scan.
  • Front panel display - 7 Segment display (red) shows the currently selected CPU. 7 Segment display (green) shows the currently selected user.
  • Indicators show keyboard and mouse activity.
  • Selection methods - convenient switching using On Screen Display menu, selectable keyboard hot-key, 3 button mouse, front panel key or RS232 serial control.
  • Hot connection of devices - can be connected to many running PCs without reboot by using the keyboard and mouse reset feature.
  • On the fly configuration - the Matrix can be configured using the OSD menu.
  • User definable hot-key commands can be used for quick channel selection.
  • Expandable - where the size of your installation is beyond the scope of a single Matrix, additional units can be cascaded. This will allow you to use multiple units to provide a video-switching network.
  • Auto-scan - the Matrix can be set to automatically scan all ports or all active ports at a user definable rate.
  • Automatic mouse conversion - PS/2, IntelliMouse and RS232 type mice are all supported between switch and CPUs. Controlling mouse/trackball is PS/2 type.
  • Mouse control of OSD menu.
  • Name search facility in OSD menu.
  • Users may select exclusive or shared computer access.
  • Keyboard and mouse reset features for each user port.
  • Optional CPU reminder banner may be transparent and moved around the screen.
  • Upload and download of OSD configurations to a PC file or Excel spreadsheet.
  • Cascaded units do not need to be configured.

Adder AVM208 Specifications:

Height 1.7 in. (45 mm.)
Width  18.9 in. (482 mm.)
Depth 8 in. (205 mm.)
Power 5V DC, 2A
CPU Connectors  
8 15 way HD D Female for CPU video
8 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU keyboard
8 6 way mini DIN Female for CPU mouse
KVM Connectors  
2 6 way mini DIN Female for controlling keyboards
2 6 way mini DIN Female for controlling mice
2 15 way HD D Female for controlling monitors
1 5V DC 2A power inlets for external PSU
1 D9 way Female for Flash upgrade, RS232 control, expansion and remote connectivity accessories
EMC 89/336/EEC CE marked
LVD 73/23/EEC
Question: Will you please provide the Export Classification Control Number (ECCN) for the recommended replacement Adder AVX4016?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The Export Classification Control Number (ECCN) for all non-IP Adder products (i.e. the Adder AVX4016) is EAR99.