The Avocent ACS8048DAC Dual-AC advanced console server series offers upgraded and advanced features that deliver scalable and high performance solutions for IT administrators. The console server features a dual ARM core processor platform with 16GB of flash memory, dual gigabit-Ethernet ports and dual gigabit-Fiber ports for redundancy and optional built-in modem.

In addition, there is a new sensor port, to connect a variety of sensors for monitoring and logging on the appliance. Our serial ports are now auto sensing for pin-out and the Avocent ACS 8000 advanced console server also offers robust software features to meet the requirements of the most demanding data center management applications. IT professionals and network operations center (NOC) personnel can harness these new capabilities to further enable them to perform secure, remote data center management and out-of-band management of IT assets from anywhere in the world.

Avocent ACS 8048DAC Diagram

Features & Benefits

  • Secure in-band and out-of-band network remote management
  • Fast, automated configuration with Zero Touch Provisioning
  • Access and troubleshoot remote locations using automatic network failover to cellular (and failback)
  • Compliance with data center access and security policies - customizable, multiple access levels
  • No need for adaptors with automatic Cyclades and Cisco pin-out conversions
  • Expanded support for Rack PDUs from Emerson, ServerTech, APC, Raritan and Eaton
  • Support for Emerson GXT4 UPS system
  • Integrated support for 1Gb SFP fiber modules
  • 8 USB ports to support new IT equipment and external devices
  • Includes Environmental sensor port
  • Support for Avocent DSView management software
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support for new network deployments
  • Extensive Regulatory & Security compliance

Avocent ACS8048DAC Rear Back


  • Secure console and power management
  • Server and network management
  • Secure access to test and development lab environments
  • Telco central office and remote facilities


  • Automatic Ethernet failover using second GbE port for failover
  • Support for multiple-routing tables
  • Dual power supply design
  • Dual GbE Ethernet support
  • Dual 1Gb SFP Fiber support
  • 8x USB port support


  • Preset security profiles-secure, moderate and open
  • Custom security profiles
  • X.509 SSH certificate support
  • SSHv1 and SSHv2
  • Local, RADIUS, TACACS+, LDAP/AD, NIS and Kerberos authentication
  • Two-factor authentication (RSA SecurID)
  • One-Time Password (OTP) authentication
  • Local, backup-user authentication support
  • PAP/CHAP and Extensible Authentication Protocol (EAP) authentication (for dial-up lines)
  • Group authorization:
    • Port access
    • Power access
    • Appliance privilege
  • IP packet and security filtering
  • User-access lists per port
  • System event syslog
  • IPSec with NAT traversal support
  • IP forwarding support
  • Secure factory defaults
  • Strong password enforcement

Console Management

  • Sun break-safe (Solaris Ready Certified)
  • Break-over SSH support
  • Off-line data buffering - local and remote (NFS/Syslog/DSView software)
  • Level-based syslog filters
  • Time stamp and rotations for data buffering
  • Unlimited number of simultaneous sessions
  • Simultaneous access on the same port (port sniffing) with ability to toggle
  • Configurable event notification (e-mail, pager, SNMP trap)
  • Customizable, global time zone support
  • Multiple and customizable user levels of access

Port Access

  • Directly by server name or device name
  • CLI Command
  • Simultaneous Telnet and SSH access

System Management

  • Configuration wizard in Web for first-time users
  • Auto-discovery for automatic deployment
  • Command line interface (CLI)
  • Web Management Interface (HTTP/HTTPS)
  • SNMP
  • Internal temperature sensor


  • CAT-5 compatible adapters for simpler cabling
  • Autosensing for Cyclades and Cisco pin-outs for serial ports


  • Upgrades available on FTP site, no charge
  • TFTP support for network boot

Avocent ACS 8048DAC Application - Advanced Serial Console Server

ACS8048DAC-400 Package Contents

Typical ACS8000 Advanced Console System Configuration

  1. (1) ACS8048DAC Serial Console Server
  2. (1) CAB0018 RJ-45 to RJ-45 straight-thru cable, 7ft
  3. (1) ADB0036 RJ-45 to DB-9F crossover adapter
  4. (1) RMK-89 1U Rack-mount brackets
  5. (2) C13 / C14 power cable, 6ft
  6. (1) Documentation
  7. (1) 2-Year Limited Warranty

ACS 8048DAC Accessories

ADB0045SX 550m multi mode SFP fiber transceiver
ADB0047LX/LH 10km single SFP fiber transceiver
ADB0017RJ45 to DB25F cross converter
ADB0025RJ45 to DB25M cross converter
ADB0036RJ45 to DB9F cross converter
ADB0037RJ45 to DB9M cross converter
ADB0039RJ45 to RJ45 Sun/Cisco cross converter
ADB0040RJ45 to RJ45 Rackable converter
ADB0210RJ45 to DB9F s/t converter
CAB0017RJ-45M to DB-25F crossover cable (6 ft.)
CAB0018RJ-45M to RJ-45M straight-through CAT-5 cable (7 ft.)
CAB0025RJ-45M to DB-25M straight-through cable (6 ft.)
CAB0036RJ-45M to DB-9F crossover cable (6 ft.)
CAB0045RJ-45M to RJ-45M Sun/Cisco crossover cable (10 ft.)
CAB0046RJ-45M to DB-25M crossover cable (6 ft.)
CAB0286DB-9F to DB-9F crossover cable (6 ft.)
Rackmounting KitsDesciption
RMK-88ACS8000 0U Rack Mount Kit for ACS8000
RMK-89ACS8000 1U Rack Mount Kit for ACS8000
Extended WarrantiesDesciption
1YSLV-ACS48PT1 YR Silver HW Maintenance ACS48PT
2YSLV-ACS48PT2 YR Silver HW Maintenance ACS48PT
4YSLV-ACS48PT4 YR Silver HW Maintenance ACS48PT
1YGLD-ACS48PT1 YR Gold HW Maintenance ACS48PT
2YGLD-ACS48PT2 YR Gold HW Maintenance ACS48PT
4YGLD-ACS48PT4 YR Gold HW Maintenance ACS48PT

ACS8048DAC-400 Technical Specifications

Height1.75 in. (4.45 cm)
Width17.250 in. (43.82 cm)
Depth9.5 in. (24.13 cm)
Weight7.5 lb. (3.4 kg)
Operating Temperature14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)
Storage Temperature-4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Humidity20% to 80% non-condensing
Operating Voltage100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Input Power35W Maximum
Power UsageNominal voltage 120VAC:
  • Typical 0.13A, 6.2W
  • Maximum 0.47A, 28W
Nominal voltage 240VAC:
  • Typical 0.10A, 7W
  • Maximum 0.29A, 28W
Power RedundancyOptional dual entry, redundant AC and DC power supplies
Hardware Specifications
CPUDual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore with CoreSight
16GB eMMC Flash
Interfaces2 Gigabit Fiber SFP ports
2 Gigabit (10/100/1000BT) Ethernet interfaces on RJ45
1 RS-232 serial console port on RJ45
Up to 48 RS-232 serial ports on RJ45
First 2 ports selectable between RS-232/RS-422/RS-485
8 USB 2.0 Ports on Type A connector
1 full size SD Card slot
Environmental sensor port on RJ45 (1-wire)
4 digital-in ports (smoke, leak, pressure and dry contact sensors)
Approved Agency

Emissions and Immunity:
- FCC Class A
- CE Class A (EU)
- ICES-003 (Canada)
- VCCI (Japan)
- RCM (Australia)
- Customs Union (CU)
- KCC (Korea)

- UL (USA)
- cUL (Canada)
- EN-60950 (EU)
- CB
- Customs Union (CU)

ACS 8000 Models

AC ModelsDesciption
ACS8008SACACS 8000 8-port unit single AC power supply
ACS8008DACACS 8000 8-port unit dual AC power supply
ACS8008MDACACS 8000 8-port unit dual AC power supply with built-in modem
ACS8016SACACS 8000 16-port unit single AC power supply
ACS8016DACACS 8000 16-port unit dual AC power supply
ACS8016MDACACS 8000 16-port unit dual AC power supply with built-in modem
ACS8032SACACS 8000 32-port unit single AC power supply
ACS8032DACACS 8000 32-port unit dual AC power supply
ACS8032MDACACS 8000 32-port unit dual AC power supply with built-in modem
ACS8048SACACS 8000 48-port unit single AC power supply
ACS8048DACACS 8000 48-port unit dual AC power supply
ACS8048MDACACS 8000 48-port unit dual AC power supply with built-in modem
DC ModelsDesciption
ACS8008SDCACS 8000 8-port unit single DC power supply
ACS8008MSDCACS 8000 8-port unit single DC power supply with built-in modem
ACS8032DDCACS 8000 32-port unit dual DC power supply
ACS8032MDDCACS 8000 32-port unit dual DC power supply with built-in modem
ACS8048DDCACS 8000 48-port unit dual DC power supply
ACS8048MDDCACS 8000 48-port unit dual DC power supply with built-in modem
Question: What is the ECCN and HTS for ACS8048DAC?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

The Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) for ACS8048DAC-400 is: 5A992
The Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) for ACS8048DAC-400 is: 8471.80.10