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125 ft. - 15-pin HD, 3.5mm Stereo Audio & 3 RCA Hydra Multi-Head Cable


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Kramer's Hydra multi-head cables contain a 15-pin HD (M), 3.5mm (M) & 3 RCA (M) cables. They are designed for applications that require multiple signals in a single jacket.

Features & Benefits

  • All Pins Connected for DDC2 and EDID Support.
  • Quality Construction - Rugged and flexible cable with attractive high-quality molded connectors.
  • Flexible Applications - Use the 15-pin HD, 3.5mm stereo, and 3 RCA connectors for any combination of typical VGA, video, and audio signals. The mini connector may also support remote control in some cases, and the RCAs support composite video, analog or digital audio.
  • Companion Wall Plate - The MH1 style multi-head cable is designed to match the Kramer WAV-5 wall plate.
  • Varied Selection of Lengths -