ATEN 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch


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ATEN CS1716 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch
The Master View ATEN CS1708 and CS1716 KVM Switches are control units that allow access to multiple computers from a single console (keyboard, mouse, and monitor). A single Master View can control up to eight (CS-1708) or 16 (CS-1716) computers. As many as 31 additional switches can be added in a daisy chain configuration, allowing up to 512 computers to be controlled from a single keyboard-monitor-mouse console. A seven segment front panel LED displays each Station's position for easy identification. An auto-sensing function recognizes the position of each station (switch) on the chain, eliminating the need to manually set the position with DIP switches.

The ATEN CS1708 and CS1716 improve on previous models by providing USB ports for the console Keyboard and Mouse, and by transfering keyboard and mouse data to the computers via the faster, more reliable USB bus rather than the traditional PS/2 connection and in providing Multimedia keyboard support. The ATEN CS1708 and CS1716 also utilize a custom ASIC (patent pending) for increased reliability and enhanced performance. By incorporating high density 15 pin CPU port connectors instead of the usual 25 pin connectors, a full, 16 port switch can be installed in a 1U system rack.

Setup is fast and easy; simply plug cables into their appropriate ports. There is no software to configure, no installation routines, and no incompatibility problems. Since the ATEN CS1708/CS1716 intercepts keyboard input directly, it works on multiple operating platforms (PC compatible, MAC, SUN).

ATEN CS1716 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch Features:

  • A single console controls 8 (CS-1708) or 16 (CS-1716) computers - daisy chain up to 31 additional units - control up to 256 or 512 computers from a single console
  • Easy installation - no software required
  • Hot pluggable - add or remove computers for maintenance without powering down the switch - port names are automatically reconfigured when the station sequence is changed
  • LED Display For Easy Status Monitoring
  • Auto Scan feature for monitoring user-selected computers
  • Convenient computer selection via Hotkeys and intuitive OSD menus
  • OSD is mouse-drive for quick and efficient menu navigation
  • USB and PS2 keyboard and mouse emulation
  • Supports Microsoft IntelliMouse and the scrolling wheel on most mice - Supports Logitech and Microsoft wireless keyboards and mice
  • Multimedia keyboard support
  • Administrator/User password authorization for enhanced security (PSP); administrator synchronized confirmation between master and slave stations
  • Two types of logout - manual and timed
  • Superior video quality - 2048 x 1536; DDC2B
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Backward compatible with the Master View CS-1216A KVM switch series
  • Compatible with multiple Operating platforms; PC , MAC, and SUN
  • Supports: Windows 98 or higher; MAC OS 8.6 or higher, SUN Blade 2000/100 (Solaris 8); Linux Red Hat 7.1 or higher
  • Rack Mountable in 19" system rack (1U)

CS1716A Hot Key Sequence

Hotkey Mode
(Invoke Hotkeys)
Port SelectionInvoke OSD
Default: Default: [Num Lock] + [-]Default: [Num Lock] + [-] Release [Port Number] [Enter]Default: [Scroll Lock] [Scroll Lock]
Alternate: [Ctrl] + [F12]Alternate: [Ctrl] + [F12] Release [Port Number] [Enter]Alternate: [Ctrl] [Ctrl]

ATEN CS1716 Function Diagram
ATEN CS1716 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch Function Diagram

ATEN CS1716 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch Requirements:

    A VGA, SVGA, or Multisync monitor capable of the highest resolution that you will be using on any computer in the installation
    A USB mouse
    A USB keyboard
  • COMPUTER: The following equipment must be installed on each computer:
    A VGA, SVGA or Multisync card
    Type A USB port

ATEN CS1716 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch Package Content:
1 x CS1716 KVM Switch
2 x CS Custom 2-in-1 KVM Cables
1 x Firmware Upgrade Cable
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Rack Mount Kit
1 x User Manual
1 x Quick Start Guide

ATEN CS1716 16-Port MasterView USB KVM Switch Specifications

Width 15.3 in. (38.3 cm)
Height 10.3 in. (25.8 cm)
Length 22.7 in. (56.8 cm)
Case Qty. 3
Package Dimensions 
Width 4.7 in. (11.8 cm)
Depth 21.9 in. (54.8 cm)
Height 9.4 in. (23.5 cm)
Computer Connections 
Direct 16
Selected 16 (Green)
Station ID 2 x 7 Segments
On Line 16 (Orange)
Power On 1 (Blue)
Console Connectors 
Flash ROM Upgrade 1 x RJ-11
Mouse 1 x USB Type A
Monitor 1 x HDB-15 female
Keyboard 1 x USB Type A
Case Metal
Case Wt. 31.9 lb. (14.5 kg)
Package Wt. 9.9 lb. (4.5 kg)
Unit Wt. 8.8 lb. (4.0 kg)
Width 6.0 in (15.4 cm)
Height 1.8 in (4.5 cm)
Length 17.0 in (43.2 cm)
CPU Connectors 
Keyboard, Mouse, and Monitor 16 x SPDB-15 female
Scan Interval User Specified; 1-255 secs (default 5 secs)
Port Selection Hotkeys; OSD
Storage Temperature -4F~140F (-20C - 60C)
Video Resolution Up to 2048 x 1536
Operating Temperature 32F~122F (0C - 50C)
Daisy Chain 1 x DB-25 male; 1 x DB-25 female
Power Consumption DC 5V, 6W
Humidity 0 - 80% RH
UPC / EAN Barcode icon
UPC 672792100864
EAN 0672792100864
Question: how can i switch from on station to another ??
Answer: To switch between targets, you can either use the push buttons on the front of the unit, use the OSD by pressing the [scroll lock] key twice, or by using hotkey mode. The default setting to enter hotkey mode is to press [Num Lock] + [-]. Once in hotkey mode, key in the port ID. Press [Esc] to leave hot key mode.

Fo further information, please see the manual posted above.

Question: Our CS1716 just beeps. The power light is on, the display is 00 but nothing appears on console. What do we do?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, detailed product support is beyond the scope of this simple product FAQ. Having said that, many issues can be resolved by resetting the KVM switch. For this ATEN unit, there is a recessed reset button on the front panel near the Port LEDs. Press the button and wait for the unit to reinitialize.

There is also a very basic troubleshooting section in the manual linked from the product page. In part it states, "Operation problems can be due to a variety of causes. The first step in solving them is to make sure that all of the cables are securely attached and seated completely in their sockets." There is no specific mention of the issues you are having, but the manual goes on to say that erratic behavior may be caused by the unit not receiving enough power. Please check that the power adapter is functioning properly.

Beyond these few steps, and a couple more mentioned in the manual, please contact the manufacturer, ATEN, directly for additional product support. ATEN's support page can be reached here:

Question: Is there a model that supports 4 console stations?
Answer: Thank you for your inquiry,

There isn't a 4 user (4 console station) KVM in the MasterView product family. However, Aten does offer a few 4 user KVMs such as KN4116, KN4132, and KM0532. To see a full list of our 4 user KVM Switches, click here.

If you would like a recommendation based on your setup, please feel free to contact your KVM Switches Online sales representative directly at 1-877-586-6654, at, or via our online Chat functionality.